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6th ed Rules of the Game: Disembarking into Difficult Terrain, Al'Rahem, Barrage and Rhinos

Here are several rules from game five of Dark Star

Disembarking: Placing Disembarking Models 40k6 pg 79

The model can then make a normal move - Difficult and Dangerous Terrain tests should be take as normal, but it must end its move wholly within 6" of the of the Access Point it disembarked from (we assume that any distance that is lost because of this has been used getting out of the Transport).

Context: When Purifiers were getting out of their Rhino 40k buddy Puck asked if they had to make difficult terrain tests.  Informed him yes.

Imperial Guard Codex 5th ed Al'Rahem pg 64

Any unit that is part of Al'rahem's Infantry Platoon must outflank.

Context: This was a rule Puck wanted to share and have me put on the blog.  It is part of his new Imperial Guard army.  When asking for context for this rule Puck explained if Al'rahem and his platoon are aboard a Vendetta then the Vendetta comes on via outflank.

Barrage 40k6 pg 34

Hits against vehicles are always resolved against their side armour.

Context: Template landed on Rhino from Medusa and rolled against side armour not front.  Bit of a technicality because front and side armour are the same.

Rhino 40k6 pg 135 mini-rulebook

Razorback/Rhino BS 4 F 11 S 11 R 10 HP 3

Grey Knights Codex 5th ed Repair (Rhino only) pg 33

If a Rhino is immobilized for any reason, in subsequent turns the crew can attempt a repair instead of shooting.  Roll a D6 in the Shooting phase - on a roll of a 6, the Rhino is no longer immobilized.

Context: Putting this rule in because for the first five games using my Grey Knights I was under the mistaken impression that Rhinos had 10 armour all around with 2 hull points.  Wasn't til my fourth game at Dark Star that Travis told me 11 front and side and 3 hull points.  Confirmed by looking in rulebook.  Also didn't remember the repair rule til Mike reminded me in second game of Dark Star.  Rather humbling being informed so much about an unit in my army.

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