Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grey Knights Diorama/Display Board part 1

Dark Star is 11 days away.  Hopefully this comes together in time.  Will be spending some time with Suijin while putting it together, which is always a plus.  Always want to get to know a friend better.

Stopped by his place last night to cut the board.  We were doing this kind of late, my fault.  Was worried neighbours would call the police because the noise.  Not a peep.

Guy knows what he's doing.  Quite meticulous.

Bits and pieces.  From humble begins these little acorns will become mighty oaks.

One issue we talked about was magnetization.  I don't want the diorama/display board to just be.  I want to use it as a carry case.  Instead of worrying about piece moving around and falling off magnets will help keep everything place when moving from table to table.  Think we found a solution.  Problem would be cutting the nail from the other side.  Suijin has a dremel bit that can remove the nail.

Rough layout.

Suijin has a lot of styrofoam that is ideal for the set up.  Truth be told he seems just a little more excited about this than I am.  Though I'm extremely excited about putting this thing together.  He also had a great idea of using a hot knife for cutting.  After some attempts with a blade I have to agree.  That's the plan for tomorrow.  We'll get together and head to a couple of places pick up some tools and hopefully start putting this thing together.  Will be great to have quality time with him.

slainte mhath

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