Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Update] 6th ed Rules of the Game: Skyshield, Measuring Distances & 4+ Obscured Vehicles

Here is one of several posts regarding the many rules that came up at Dark Star.

First day and first game of Dark Star 2013.

Skyshield Landing Pad 40k6 pg 115

Access Points & Fire Points: As per model.

FAQ 40k Rulebook v1.3 Feb 13 page 2

Page 115 - Fortifications, Skyshield Landing Pad.  Ignore the reference to Access Points & Fire Points.

Occupying Buildings 40k6 pg 93

Moving into or out of a building works the same as embarking or disemarking from a vehicle.

Embarking 40k6 pg 78

The whole unit must be able to embark - if some models are out of range, the entire unit must stay outside.

Context: Player put Penal Legion on Skyshield.  He began with half squad on Skyshield and half squad off it.  Which can't happen because Skyshield has no access points per FAQ.  Reason for including other rules is because if the unit could embark on the platform they would all have to be on or off.  Not half on and half off like he deployed them at the start of the game.

Thanks to Adam (from comments) for catching this.  Update below.

Skyshield Landing Pad 40k6 pg 115

Terrain type: Unique.  The top surface of the Skyshiled Landing Pad is open terrain.  To move onto or off of the landing pad counts as moving through difficult terrain.

Correction:  Context Player put Penal Legion on Skyshield.  I thought he couldn't do that because it was a fortification.  I was wrong.  Its considered open terrain and he was right in needing to perform a move through difficult terrain test to get the rest of his squad up there.  You live, you learn, you get loves.

Measuring Distances 40k6 pg 4

You can always check any distance at any time.

Context: During first game player reminded me that you can pre-measure shooting distance any time.  For some reason I thought you can only pre-measure in specific phases.  Forgot that.

Obscured Vehicles 40k6 pg 75

At least 25% of the facing of the vehicle that is being targeted (its front, side or rear) needs to be hidden by intervening terrain or models from the point of view of the firer for the vehicle to be in cover.

Context: Opponent thought that intervening models do not count towards 25% of vehicle being obscured.

slainte mhath


  1. Skyshields are not buildings, however, they are unique terrain--basically a hill you have to take a difficult terrain test to get on and off of.

    1. Do you have reference, book and page number, Anon 12:30? You've peaked my interest.

  2. The Skyshield's profile on 115 specifically says "Terrain type: Unique Terrain". If it was a building you would be able to shoot at it--just like the Aegis Line, you can't, and the entry specifies "Unique Terrain"

    1. Nice catch, Adam.

      Terrain Type: Unique. Top surface of skyshile landing pad is open terrain. To move onto or off of the landing pad counts a moving through difficult terrain. Will update with credit to you.



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