Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grey Knights Diorama/Display Board part 3

Had a great time hanging out with Suijin last evening.  Should've ignored my feelings and headed over to his place earlier.  As he said "Was considering just telling you to get your ass over here."  Told him next time do it.

Getting a little closer to the finished product.

Suijin had some compound to use to adhere the LEDs to the diorama.  This is something we've talked about before and also talked with Bryan about.  Damn solid idea.

Tough thing with this mixture is that both parts are the same colour so you don't know if you're mixing it correctly.

Suijin keeps coming up with solid idea after solid idea.  I'm really glad I asked for his assistance.  Thanks, buddy!  To adhere the LEDs to the diorama he thought some aluminum tape would be helpful to avoid heat affecting the styrofoam.  Then a paper towel to press down on the parts the woods isnt.  An auto-locking clamp for constant pressure.  Well prepared and putting a lot more forethought into this than I am.  Will have to buy him a couple of rounds next time we are out.

These LEDs are Super Bright.

Using some of his models wanted to get a feel for the space.

This is the real reason I want to build this.  I have something similar with my Noir Engel army.  This really is a carry case.  Instead of pulling out your models and putting them on a board.  The purpose is tri-fold.  Diorama/Display Board/Carry Case.  The sister is metal.

All the nails are down.  These are the places where my army will be placed.  Even anticipated places for future additions like Librarians and Dreadknights.

Big reason I wanted Suijin's help is because he has a 3D printer.  Was hoping we would be able to make industrial walls with the printer.  Perhaps it would shorten the construction time.  Not really sure at this point.  He thinks it will take the same amount of time.  We are of the mindset that we should just construct the walls then.  Terribly impressed with what the 3D printer can do.

slainte mhath


  1. I really want to print out some arms for my Furioso dreadnought that are much more dynamic than the normal stiff dread arms. 3D printing just opens up so many possibilities. I just need to practice making the 3D models.

  2. Most of the issues with the 3D printing right now (I have a "B9 Creator" resin one that uses a projector for curing)seem to be with setting up the build height (fighting with the software mostly and what it is actually doing) and a bug that stops the build platform from raising (either a plain software bug or maybe due to the old P4 computer I have running the thing currently).

    I just need to go through several builds and/or setups to determine the proper parameters and how to avoid things the software is doing.

    I work full-time, other projects, pen-and-paper gaming and have 3 kids, so I don't get tons of time to dedicate to just working on this.


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