Saturday, March 9, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Effects of Damage on Passengers; Immobilized and Sniper Rending

Here are a couple more things from Wed nights game.

Effects of Damage on Passangers; third bullet point 40k6 pg 80

* Weapon Destroyed & Immobilised. These results have no effect on passangers.

Context: Ranger immobilized a Rhino.  Shawn wanted to know if the Purifiers inside had to get out of an immobilized tank.

(This one thing I think 6th ed hit spot on.  Covering the effects of passengers in a vehicle when resolving a penetrating hit.)

Ranger Long Rifle 4th ed Eldar Codex pg 38

Range:36" S: X AP: 6 heavy 1, Sniper, Pinning.

Rending 40k6 pg 41

In either case, against vehicles, each armour penetration roll of a 6 allows a further D3 to be rolled, with the result of added to the total.

Sniper 40k6 pg 42

Against vehicles, Sniper weapons count as Strength 3.

Sniper weapons also have the Pinning and Rending special rules.

Context: This one had me scratching my head at the table.  Mostly because when I was using Eldar Rangers in 5th ed I was told they had no effect against vehicles because of poison.  Think I was fooled with this one.  Rangers shot at Rhino.  Rolled a 6 for Armour Penetration.  Because Sniper weapons have Rending this allowed Shawn to roll a D3 which resulted in 11 and immobilized the Rhino.

slainte mhath


  1. Snipers are not poisoned, they wound on a fixed number and without a base strength value. It sucks when people try to tell you wrong information on rules. My GF plays sisters and we had a 2v2 going; I left the room on a bathroom break and by the time I returned one of the opponents had given her the wrong info on how meltas worked, resulting in a few missed penetrations.

    1. Doh! Tyson, can't believe I never made that connection before. grrrrr. Now it's clear as day. Thank you.

      I feel extremely silly thinking there was some connection between Sniper and Poison. Damn.


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