Thursday, March 7, 2013

1850 Grey Knights vs Eldar, yet another school yard beating

Was holding my own for awhile during last nights game but ultimate it was another ass-kicking.

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for a rematch.

Wore my red Permanent Skin Art t-shirt.

I take comfort in two tactical victories.  Strategic victories go to Eldar.

Mission: Crusade.  Deployment: Vanguard Strike.  Won roll off, decided to deploy and go first.  Took Culexus out and put in Vindicare.  Worked a little bit.

Damn, in a losing streak.  6th game lost in a row.

Our theatre of losing this evening.

Grey Knights deploy.

Eldar deploy.

Eldar attempt to seize initiative.  No such luck. /whew!  One of a few things that went right me this evening.

Top of first.  Something I failed at horribly in the first game was target priority.  First of all Shawn's cover save rolls were phenomenal.  He kept making 5+ cover save time and again.  Only one hull point was taken form War Walkers from Psyflemen shooting.  Vindicare did exacrtly what he should do.  Removed Eldrad's invulnerable save.  I want to pull a Fateweaver at Dark Star.  Remove his invuln save.  Told that to Connor last night.  He said that if that happened to him he would cry.

Bottom of first.  Eldar performed some great shooting.  One Psyflemen down, First Blood VP to Eldar, and removes Autocannon from another.  Shawn's dice are uncharacteristically hot.  They will cool to their normal levels later in the game.  My dice are actually off.  Won't blame results on the board on dice.  Shawn also does something unexpected.  He moves Eldrad forward with Wraithguard.  Figured he would hide Eldrad as soon invuln save was gone.  Nope, he just muscled through it.

Top of second.  I decide to play the mission in addition to my tactical goals.  There are two objectives deep in Eldar deployment zone.  Rangers are on one.  Another is in the far corner.  Purifiers hop in Rhino and takes off towards the Ranger objective.  Plan is to shoot them out and assault in.  I get cocky and use Vindicare's Turbo-Penetrator on Eldrad 1 result for wound.

Bottom of second.  Vipers move up on right side attempting to be a stop-gap for the solo Rhino.  Eldar remove another Psyflemen.  Also give far Rhino a hull point.  Eldrad and friends continue their movement up.  Shawn is really getting a handle for his army.  Much respect, brother.

Top of third.  Eldrad and friends has Fortune.  With Space Marine saves and Toughness 6 any shooting at them until Eldrad is dead is practically worthless.  Speaking of which.  Being less cocky Vindicare uses Hellfire round on Eldrad 1 is the roll to wound result.  I'm relying too much on that one shot.   War Walkers are gone.  Took one round longer than expected to take them out.  Seems my dice went on strike.

Close up of H2H, hand-to-hand, bottom of third.  10 Wraithguard, Spirit Seer and Eldrad assault the Purifier line.  Completely forgot that psykers are Init 1 against Psyk-out grenades.  Something to remember for next time.

Bottom of third.  When Eldrad or Runes of Warding are on the board it is deadly for Grey Knights to cast psychic powers.  Roll 12 or higher and take a perils = Purifier gone.  Lost more that way than Eldar assaulting the line.

Top of fourth.  Purifers with lone Rhino take out Vipers in the foreground.  One was done last turn, other this turn.  Vindicare takes Avatar's invuln save (Really want to pull Fateweaver at Dark Star).  Eldrad takes a would from Cleansing flame.  Slowly but surely the Wraithguard unit is being whittled down.  Have 4 units casing Cleansing Flame on the unit.  Crowe issues a challenge Warlock steps up.  Disappointing.  Will eventually get Eldrad.

Bottom of fourth.  Finally all Eldar Jetbikes are on the field (I'm stealing this idea from Shawn).  One squad arrived last turn, last this turn.  Avatar assaults some Purifiers.  Lucky me its a squad with two hammers.  Unlucky me hit once with four attacks.  Failed to wound.  Made my Nemesis force roll.  Had Ap2 hammers.  Avatar didn't have his invuln save.  Would kill him out-right with one wound.  Perfect set up but wasn't mean to be.

Top of fifth.  Purifiers pile into Rhino to continue their movement to the Rangers objective.  Thought of this too late.  Should've pulled this turn one.  Though it was against my "shell game" tactic with this army.  Finally Eldrad falls from attacks and Cleansing Flame.  Slay Warlord Grey Knights 1 VP.  Next turn no Fortune.  No longer rolling 3D6 for psychic rolls.  I feel the tide has finally turned in my favour but it's too late, unless we have a turn 6.  Crowe falls, Slay Warlord VP to Eldar.

Bottom of fifth.  Rangers pop Rhino with Icarus and rifles.  Wraithlord takes out some Purifiers.  Not one's with hammers though.  Avatar assault Vindicare.  Assassin takes a wound.  Wraithlord takes an autocannon from psyflemen.

Roll the die to see if we continue to sixth turn.  It seemed Shawn was hoping to end the game.  Had a sort of tension to him.  3 appears game ends.  Eldar Jebike squad is on one objective Eldar 5 VP, Rangers on another objective 8 VP and Jetbike squad in Grey Knights deployment 9 VP.  Eldrad is dead 1 VP for Grey Knights /wu-who.

Loss 1-9 Eldar.  Connor asked how the game went.  Told him loss.  Said "I won't blame the dice rolls."  Which Connor answer "Yeah you can."

Things I've picked up from the last two games.  I need to have my Purifiers out of their Rhinos and on the Aegis first turn.  I think that is what has affected by game.  Also need to deploy Aegis on the deployment line.  Joe X provided a great suggesiotn of kitting Eldrad and friends.  Deploy at line and move back when they move up to keep outside of that 12" and delay assault.

slainte mhath

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