Sunday, March 31, 2013

13.3.3 1850 Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons

Had a great game with Shawn yesterday.  We spent a lot of time learning the new daemons.

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight almost 2 hours later than I planned.  That's what I get for letting my cell die and not setting some alarm.  Called him after waking up extremely refreshed saying that I'm mega late.  He said it's ok he's playing one of his boys and told me to take my time getting there.  When I arrived they were wrapping up their game.

Wore my CONvergence 2012 Connie hoodie.

Deployment: Dawn of War.  Mission: Scouring.

Our stage last fine afternoon.

Won roll decided to deploy and go first.

Grey Knights deployment.

Chaos Daemons deployment.

Shawn bought some new dice and they were rolling hot!  Had to make some 5++ (invulnerable) saves and this was one of his rolls.  We both cheered.

Top of first.  Purifiers come charging out of their deployment.  Jumping on multiple objectives.  Plan is to stick on those objectives and have the daemons take them from me.  So far Grey Knights are one objects 4, 3 & 3.  Daemons are on objective 1.  Some shooting and Fateweaver takes 2 wounds.  Remove more than enough Bloodletters near Fateweaver along with their icon.  Non-scattering daemons won't be deep striking on the left flank.  They will deep strike on right flank because the other icon is still around.  Remove 2 of 5 Nurgling bases, feels like clubbing baby seals.  I now understand the title of hulksmash's blog.  Some Bloodletters are removed from right flank.

Bottom of first.  This is a great round for daemons.  Several Purifers are removed from right flank.  Ku'gath removes more than enough with his Nurgling grenades.  Those things have Ap 3!  Psychic power from Tzeentch Daemon Prince removes several Purifiers from other combat squad.  Fiends assault and remove all but one Purifier from left flank.  Fateweaver's Psychic power removes two Purifiers and Warpflame gives that squad 6+ FNP.  Marines are going to love that side effect.  Out of the 8 psychic powers cast on Grey Knights Reinforced Aegis stopped 2 and Deny the Witch stopped 4.  Ku'gath barely has a chance to get a psychic power off.  Daemon Prince and Fateweaver have a better chance with just -1 to their rolls.  OH, Fiends are mean!  Warp Storm gives all daemons +1 to invuln saves til next storm.  Fateweaver uses staff to re-roll a save.  Makes it.

Top of second.  Finally a shooting wound on Ku'gath.  That guy is a beast.  Fiends take a couple of wounds.  That 4++  across the board saved a lot of daemons.  So far I really like the Warp Storm.  I want the Avatar of Khaine to have a 3++ save.  Fateweaver takes another wound.  Vindicare has shot at Ku'gath each turn with Hellfire round and of course Shawn's Warlord keeps making his invuln save.

Bottom of second.  Warp Storm moves on.  Fiends remove all but one Purifier.  Nurglings charge three Purifiers.  Overwatch removes them.  First Blood VP to Grey Knights.  Odd way to get first blood.  Fateweaver and Daemon Prince take to flight.  Hellhounds scatter off table and go into ongoing reserves.  Blood Crushers are in.  Furies don't make reserve roll.  Ku'gath takes out almost all Purifiers he assaulted.  One with a Psycannon remains.  Again Reinforced Aegis and Deny the Witch stop a lot of powers from happening.

Top of third.  Grey Knights have almost found their stride.  Psyflemen removes Fiends after their fail their three saves because of Instant Death.  Thanks, Connor.  Fateweaver is also removed because Connor told me something I've been looking for quite some time.  Blood Crushers are removed due to Psyflemen and Instant Death.  Crowe does exactly as he wants.  He dies and takes Ku'gath with him.  That is the eighth time I've had that opportunity and it finally worked.  Slay the Warlord VP Grey Knights.  Two collected so far.  Slay the Warlord VP for Daemons.  One collected so far.

End of game.  Technically bottom of second.  Furies scattered off table.  Second time this happened to Shawn in this game.  Shawn has one squad of 4 Bloodletters behind near rock, 6 Bloodletters in far corner, 10? Hellhounds and daemon prince on the board.  His boys have bugged him for food about an hour ago.  He has plans with family also.  I think enough of his heart has dropped about this game.  He calls it.  We spent quality time together.  Looked up a lot of the new rules for Chaos Daemons.  He showed me Games Workshop psychic app that is quite handy.  He's still learning the new daemons.  I'm beginning to use all the tricks in my Grey Knights bag.  Things are coming together.

While getting a bite to eat after the game I remembered Grey Knights Preferred Enemy Daemons.  Doh!  All those 1's.  And, I rolled A Lot.

Win 12-4 (as of bottom of third)

If the game continued I'm certain the daemon prince would've collapsed the left flank.  It would easily removed the three and one Purifier squads there.  Then either A) ate the Psyflemen for breakfast and Rhino immediately after or B) flown over to right flank and started working dwindling its strength.  Furies would've come in near right flank and possibly did some damage.  I would be down to a hand full of Purifiers one either 3 and 4 pt objective or just 4 pt objective.  It certainly would've been a lot uglier for me.  Would've most likely pulled off a win with far fewer VP's.

Shawn being the awesome guy he is, brought some presents for me.  Thanks, Shawn!

Second to last set of Grey Knights I'll need.

I Love this flyer.  Will be quite sometime before I paint it.

slainte mhath

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