Sunday, March 31, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Weapons Virus and Reinforced Aegis requesting feedback

Here's a psychic rule situation that came up on Wed game.  Would like your opinion how it should work.

Above pic is the entry from the Grey Knights codex and Psychic power card for easy reference.

Malediction 40k6 pg 68

Maledictions are manifested at the start of the Psyker's Movement phase.

Weapon Virus Chaos Space Marines Codex 6th ed pg 71

Weapon Virus is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24".  All of the target unit's ranged weapons have the Gets Hot special rule whilst the power is in effect

Reinforced Aegis Grey Knights Codex 5th ed pg 35

Psychic test Leadership penalties caused by The Aegis are increased to -4 if the target of the psychic power is within 12" of the Dreadnought (or is the Dreadnought itself).

Context: Chaos Sorcerer cast Weapon Virus in its shooting phase at a Purifier squad to give their ranged weapons the special rule Gets Hot.  Opponent said it was a shooting attack and that shooting attacks are always resolved against the closest target in a unit.  The two closest, of the four Purifiers, to the Sorcerer was outside the 12" of the Dreadnoughts Reinforced Aegis.  The other two Purifiers were within 12".

This where I'd like your feedback.  Does the Sorcerer have -4 to his psychic test from Reinforced Aegis when the closest Purifier from the squad was outside 12"?  Feel free to post references, books and page numbers.

Won't post how we ruled it to avoid possibly influencing how others believe this would work.  Bryan highly suggested to put this on the blog to see others opinions.

slainte mhath


  1. as a whole squad ... the aegis counts that count no matter 2 purifiers where in range outside of those 12 " ... as they are part of a squad rather than only a individually ... but that would be my opinion ... hope you get more answers

  2. Maledictions target the squad, as part of that squad was within the 12" of the dread they should get the benefit of Reinforced Aegis. The only way the Purifiers would not get this is if it were a Focussed Witchfire attack picking out a single model outside of the 12".

  3. First off, a Malediction is NOT a shooting attack, so the rules for shooting hold no bearing on the use of the psychic power.
    Second, Maledictions effect the unit as a whole, so if any one model in the unit gains a benefit against the psychic power, then the unit receives it - as that model is also being effected - unless the rules for the power or benefit state otherwise.

  4. yeah, i agree with Will... not a shooting attack (no roll to hit, cover doesn't matter, etc)...

    also chaos power says "targets the unit" so as long as some of the unit was within 12" of the dread they would get the -4 for the Aegis IMHO... if it was a focused witchfire as others have said, would be a different case.


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