Friday, March 22, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Crash and Burn and Going To Ground

Here are a couple more rules from the first game at Dark Star.

Crash and Burn 40k6 pg 81

If a Zooming Flyer is Wrecked or Explodes, its flaming debris rains down on the battlefield.  Centre the large blast maker over the Flyer - it then scatters 2d6".

Context:  During first Psyflemen destroyed a Vendetta.  Space Wolves guy rolled and it hit.  No scatter.  For some reason he seemed quite happy to make the roll.  Perhaps it was his first tijme.  First time I encountered this rule.  This is more for me.  Repetition and Redundancy.

Going To Ground 40k6 pg 18

Whilst it has gone to ground, a unit reacts normally if affected by enemy actions (for example, it takes Morale checks as normal).  If the unit is forced to move, for example they have to Fall back, ti returns to normal immediately - remove the marker.

Controlling Objectives 40k6 pg 122 Fourth bullet point

*If its currently falling back.

Context: Penal legion went to ground on Skyshield platform.  There was an objective nearby which opponent said he would capture objective.  I thought you couldn't hold an objective if you went to ground.  Specifically was under some mis-guided perception that going to ground means falling back it isn't.  Felt more than a little foolish.

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