Monday, March 25, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Wrecked, Death or Glory and Immobilized

Here are several rules from fourth game of Dark Star.

Third game of Dark Star was an absolute gem.  Ryan was a stand up, low drama, mellow energy individual.  A pleasure to game with.  We didn't have one genuine rule to look up.  As I told him "Here's my list of rules I've wrote down from previous games.  We have none.  Either we ran the rules correctly or did them wrong without knowing it."  What a tremendously fun game.  Enjoyed getting my ass kicked in that game.

Rules from fourth game.

Effects of Damage on Passengers: Wrecked 40k6 pg 80

The passengers must immediately disembark in the usual manner (see page 79), save that they must end their move wholly within 3" rather than 6".

Context: Purifiers wrecked one of Travis's Rhinos.  He began disembarking them 6" reminded him of 3".

Death or Glory 40k6 pg 86

The model nominated for this heroic duty makes a single Attack against the incoming Tank.  Even if the wepaon used is Assault 3, for example, or the model is normally allowed more than one Attack, only one Attack is ever resolved in this case.

Context: This is a rule I'm extremely familiar with because I used Natfka's Dark Eldar Raiders ramming/tank shocking tactics a lot in 5th ed.  Curious if the rule changed in 6th.  It did not.  Rhino was tank shocking a Purifier, above pic, and Psycannon Pen'd it with an Immobilized result.  Boy was I happy.

Immobilized 40k6 pg 74 - this rule is game related to the above rule.

An Immobilized vehicle cannot move - it may not even pivot, but its turret may continue to rotate to select targets, and other weapons retain their normal arcs of fire.

Context:  Travis asked since his Rhino was immobilized from Purifiers Death or Glory could it still shoot its Storm Bolter.  Yes it can because damage table does not stat that shooting a weapon is Snap Fire as mentioned in Crew Shaken and Stunned.

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