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13.3.27 1850 Grey Knights vs Zombies

Had a surprisingly productive game against Bryan the other night.  Getting the feel of my Grey Knights army.

My apologies in advance for the extremely poor grammar.  After cleaning it up several times only hope this is some what coherent.

Met Bryan at Fantasy Flight.  Same lists as before.  Came in with a plan of attack and remembered several key abilities of my army.  Such as Vindicare's Inflitrate and Psyflemen's Reinforced Aegis.  The later did not please Bryan.

Wore my Pimp Slap t-shirt.

Mission: Crusade.  Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.  Five objectives.  Three are in my deployment zone.  One just outside of deployment zone and another in the middle of the field.  Works with zombie army because they are going to be moving into my side of the board with most of his army.  Considered leaving a couple of combat squads on objectives.
Won roll off and decided to go and deploy first.

Our stage of massacre this evening.
Grey Knights deploy.

Zombies deploy.

Zombies attempted to seize and failed.

Top of first.  Kept my plan in forefront of my mind and stuck to it.  It worked.  Worked well.  One little hiccup regarding Vindicare but that will be fixed next time.  Moved Psyflemen into a position to be out of sight of one heavy weapon squad while able to shoot the other.  The heavy weapon squad had two models left after going to ground.  Completely forgot Leadership for them.  Battle field wasn't ideal for my plan.  Going with Sun Tzu if it's not ideal don't go with the plan.  Adjusted plan to have it work at a closer distance.  As Bryan said later he saw that and moved his zombies elsewhere.
Bottom of first.  Zombies move in.  Some shooting and one Psyflemen is shaken.  Other heavy weapon squad pops Rhino.  First Blood VP to zombies.  Never remember smoke launchers.
Top of second.  One of the marks I put on my army sheet was to use Fortitude to ignore shaken.  Power is successful and shaken is removed.  Feeling quite confident now that I'm using almost all the tricks in my Grey Knights bag.  Psyflemen remain on task.  Last member of heavy weapon squad is gone.  Other two start shooting at other heavy weapon squad.  Only two remain of that squad.  Attempt to repair Rhino that was immobilized in first turn.  Nope.  He'll remain stuck there for the rest of the game.
Bottom of second.  Bryan is adapting quickly.  Moves one zombie squad to objective.  Other goes into cover.  I chide the zombies for being yellow.  Plague Marines step up to take their place.  As Bryan said after game "I saw your Purifiers lined up.  Moved zombies out of the way."  A Pysflemen takes a glance.  One is down two hull points.

Top of third.  Moving to a defensive position.  Every Plague Marine squad has two plasma gun.  Last heavy weapon model is removed.  Aegis will give me a little protection while the the plasma guns and psycannons duke it out.  Psycannons put up the best fight they can.

Bottom of third.  Plague Marines move in and take out more Purifiers.  Bad game I'm running here.  While 4+ cover is good.  Still losing guys too quickly.  Perhaps modifiying my original plan would've been advantageous.  Didn't see it happening, should actually stick with it regardless of zombie movement.  Shooting removes Vindicare.  Completely forgot his Synskin FNP.  Reinforced Aegis comes into effect and Bryan isn't happy.  I'm quite pleased for remembering it.
Top of fourth.  Fun turn for me. /sarcasm.  A lot of wasted shots.  Either not enough wounds or Plague Marines made their saves or FNP.  Not enough though.  Purifiers on left didn't roll high enough on RCD, random chanrge distance, and lost one model due to Overwatch.  Was at 9", poor gamble.  Crowe didn't roll high enough either, he was farther away.  Little tip I picked up in 6th ed: If your squad is more than 7" away from target, and can't re-roll one or both dice, don't bother assaulting.  Typhus and friends will come in next turn.  Move Purifiers to one objective, another squad heads to back middle  one.

Bottom of fourth.  Plague Marines are getting closer and removing more and more Purifiers.  Remember that Plasma vs Psycannon fight mentioned earlier?  Plasma rounds take two Purifiers off far back right objective.  Typhus and friends shoot then assault Purifiers.  Cleansing Flame removes two.  Typhus removes the last two Purifiers.  Crowe will assault him next turn.

Top of fifth.  A lot of shooting and barely any Plague Marines removed.  Crowe survives outstanding overwatch and challenges Typhus.  Crowe dies.  Slay the Warlord 1 VP zombies, total 2 VPs.  Again failed to hit even with re-roll to remove Typhus from board.  This is becoming a little upsetting.  Not once has Crowe's Heroic Sacrifice removed a model this way yet.  Every time I seem to roll 2's or 1's on to hit rolls when dieing.  He's died in this fashion at least 5 times

Bottom of fifth [unpictured].  Plague Marines arrive at aegis.  Shooting takes out one Purifier from far objective.  Obliterators finally take out Psyflemen.  Typhus assaults Purifier squad on objective.  Nurgle Warlord removes them.

Store is closed at this.  We will be late leaving the store.

Loss 12-3 zombies

Bryan mentioned that I'm playing an offensive army defensively and doesn't think its working out.  Gave me some ideas for deployment and how to be offensive.  Had the same thoughts.  Leave two combat squads on objectives in the back.  While other four squads move forward and assault.  He also suggested to not have any Purifiers in Rhinos.  All they do is move up a little bit come out and stand there and shoot.  I agree.  Would like to push them farther forward.  Still figuring out his army.  He also suggested to keep two combat squads in reserves and walk them on to objectives

My plan worked.  Not everything was set up for the plan.  Which is good, helps me to work outside my box.  I'm growing confident in my Grey Knights and finding my footing.  Still hardly walking though.

slainte mhath

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