Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grey Knights Diorama/Display Board part 2 a.k.a. Now with Hot Knife!

Accomplished some solid work last night.  Surprised because frankly I didn't have a lot of time.  Yet somehow I did more than expecting.  After a short session late tonight it'll be ready to be brought back to Suijin's place for the next part.  A rather integral part of the diorama/display board.  There's an easter egg amongst the pics that will give you an idea what that part will be.

Marked styrofoam where it will be cut for the corners of the board.  Can barely see the thin lines where the pencil marked where the cutting is supposed to happen.

Spent a fair amount of time at Suijin's house last weekend.  Couple of hours on Sat and several hours Sun.  They offered me to join their family for supper.  Broke bread with them.  It was a enjoyable time.  I live alone.  So seeing how a family interacts with each other was different.  The noises young children can make while playing can be quite unnerving.  They are a good lot though.

Really glad we're constructing this together.  One suggestion he came up with was getting a Hot Knife to cut the styrofoam rather than use a blade.  By far the smartest idea Suijin came up with for the display board.   I tried a blade Sat night and quickly deferred to his idea.  Cooler heads prevail and stuff like that.

Second H2Lat40ks video.  Hope it looks better than it does now.  Screen is some sort of deep aqua green.  Seriously if you get a chance pic up a hot knife.  I consider it a must have for cutting styrofoam.

Purchased hot knife at Hub Hobby.  Apparently the company that makes them has only one package.  Doesn't matter if you get the tooth floss type or single wire they come in the same package..

Suijin did the first cut.  Damn he did well!  Look how clean that is.  With a knife it wouldn't nearly as good.  Great job, Suijin!  Damn steady hand.

Look at that!  The top is practically level with the bottom.  There will be a wall for the platform the troops enter the docking bay.

Time to do the otherside.  After some careful measuring and having another set of eyes approve the measurements went to cutting.  Suijin let me cut this one.  Once we were back inside and starting putting it on the board found out there's a problem.  Instead of creating a mirror image I made an exact copy.  Doh!  Nearly did the same with third til I figured out I wasn't making a mirror image.

Ready for the fancy sytrofoam glue.

If you are ever going to glue styrofoam I highly suggest this stuff.  It makes a damned tight bond.  Even holds styrofoam to wood with remarkable strength.  The activator allows for quick curing.  Not that you need it with the CA.  With CA you put a drop down.  Move the pieces to spread the glue around then hold and done!  Activator is if you need to save yourself 15 seconds.

This was it for Sundays work.  Brought it home to put the plastic canvas on it.  Once that is down then bring it back to Suijins for the big part.

Beginning of last nights work.

Elmers glue to hold plastic canvas to the base.  Worked out pretty well.

Instead of using the brush figured it would be better to put down a big drop of glue and spread it with a flat surface.  Something I did several times when PS3 did Yellow Light of Death.

Looking great so far.  Slowly coming together.

Finished her base sometime last week.  Haven't taken a pic and put her away with the other assassins.

Finally I know where to buy plastic card/sheet styrene in Minneapolis/St Paul.  So excited!

This is going to be the large door for tanks, dreadnoughts, dreadknights, etc.

Considered having the door half open or closed.  Decided closed and glued to pieces of thick plastic card to the middle which I'll paint hazard marks on.

Plastic card/sheet styrene is super fun to work with.  Couple of appropriate scores with a modelling knife and it breaks easily.

Large loading door done.

Time to put down the deck plating over the lattice work.  At least it will match my Grey Knights a little bit.

Healthy amount of Elmer's glue then apply.

slainte mhath

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