Friday, March 29, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Explodes, Sabotage, Going to Ground and Shield-Breaker

Here are several rules from last Wed game.

I'm tellin' y'all, it's a sabotage!

Vehicle Damage Table Explodes! 40k6 pg 75

Nearby units suffer a Strength 3, Ap - hit for each model within D6" of the vehicle (roll for the distance once, regardless of how many times the result is inflicted), as flaming debris scatters across the area.

Context:  Heavy weapons team rolled exploded result on damage table.  Bryan thought it was S4 to wound nearby Purifiers.  Actually S3.  S4 is to wound units inside transports per 40k6 pg 80.

Sabotage 40k6 pg 124

At the end of the turn in which the objective was identified, and at the end of every turn thereafter, roll a D6.  On a roll of a 1, the objective explodes.

Context: For the first time in all the 6th ed games Mysterious Objectives were used.  This was at Bryan's prompting.  He later asked if it's every turn or just my turn.  According to the book, every turn.  Irony is that it never exploded when I was on the objective but when his zombies arrived it exploded.

Going to Ground 40k6 pg 18 Another rules of the game duplicate.

At the end of its following turn, the unit returns to normal, the marker is removed and the unit is free to act as normal from then on.

Context: Heavy weapons unit went to ground for a better save against Psyflemen shooting.  Bryan was told at Dark Star by another player and judge that the marker remains til the end of the next turns movement phase not the end of the following turn.  If it was til the end of the next movement phase that would two movement phases in going to ground.  There are times I honestly wonder if players at tournaments and judges read the rulebook.

(speaking of not reading rules, the devil's in the details on this one)

Shield-Breaker Grey Knights Codex 5th ed pg 53

When a wound from this round is allocated to a model, that model loses any invulnerable saves granted by items of wargear immediately, and for the rest of the battle.

Context: Bryan really helped me with this rule.  I knew Shield-Breaker was too good to be true.  In all the game I've been using it as hit, not wound.  When I would roll to hit and hit I would say the invuln save was gone.  Completely missed that little tidbit about allocating a wound.  Feel much better about this now.  Bryan rolled a Look Out, Sir! on that shot.  Which can't happen because of Grey Knights FAQ pg 5, was too busy finally accepting the wording of the rule to catch that can't roll Look Out, Sir! against Vindicare Deadshot

slainte mhath

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