Friday, March 29, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Repair, Charging through Difficult Terrain and requesting assistance finding a rule

Here are a several rules from Grey Knights vs Zombie 20th March game.

The Rhino in the middle kept failing Repair roll all game.  He stuck on the aegis defense line since first turn.

Shield-Breaker Grey Knights Codex 5th ed pg 53

When a wound from this round is allocated to a model, that model loses any invulnerable saves granted by items of wargear immediately, and for the rest of the battle.  Remaining saves (if any) can be taken.

Context: Bryan thought there was a save to stop shield-breaker from taking the invulnerable save.  There is not.  He asked about the FAQ, nothing mentioned in FAQ either.  Funny story.  I wanted to pull Fateweaver at Dark Star to take his invulnerable save.  Told 40k buddy Connor and he replied "Nooooo.  If that were to happen I'd cry."  Then couple of days later told me "Don't mean to harsh your plans.  Can't take Fateweavers save because shield-breaker only works on invuln saves from wargear."  Which I grrr'd in response.

Repair Grey Knights Codex 5th ed Repair (Rhino only) pg 33 (Keys to learning: Repetition and Redundancy.)

If a Rhino is immobilized for any reason, in subsequent turns the crew can attempt a repair instead of shooting.  Roll a D6 in the Shooting phase - on a roll of a 6, the Rhino is no longer immobilized.

Context: Rhino was immobilized due to shooting.  After repairing it I then wanted to move the Rhino Flat Out.  Bryan asked if that was possible.  Looked up the repair rule since it this is done in the shooting phase instead of shooting Rhino couldn't Flat Out.  Good catch, Bryan.

One of the few 6th ed Rules of the Game repeats.  Originally posted 12-12-27.

Charging Through Difficult Terrain 40k6 pg 22

However, to represent the uneven pace of a charge, the unit rolls 3D6, rather than 2D6, and uses the two lowest results as its charge range.

Context: Plague Marines were going to charge Purifiers but in order to do so they had to charge through difficult terrain.  Bryan decided not to charge them.

A rule Bryan brought up during the last part of the game.  Something he heard at and was ruled on him at Dark Star was that wounds have to be taken off the models in sight first.  Not those who have intervening cover save.  Informed Bryan about Out of Sight rule on pg 16.  He said that wasn't it.

Allocating Wounds & Removing Casualties 40k6 pg 15

Next, allocate an unsaved Wound to the enemy model closest to the firing unit.

Out of Sight 40k6 pg 16

If no models in the firing unit can see a particular model, then Wounds cannot be allocated ot it, and must be instead allocated to the nearest visible model in the target unit.

Intervening Models 40k6 pg 18

If a target is partially hidden from the firer's view by models from a third unit (models not from the firer's unit, or from the target unit),  it receives a 5+ cover save in the same way as if it was behind terrain.

I have been unable to find this rule.  Specifically I'm asking for your assistance in finding a rule that says Wounds have to be allocated to models that are visible first and not models that receive an intervening cover save.  If you find it can you please provide reference, book and page number.  I appreciate any assistance in finding this rule.  Thank you in advance.

slainte mhath


  1. You friend may be thinking of focussed fire, whereby a shooting unit can deliberately to only shoot at models (page 18). The firing unit must declare he is focus firing before rolling dice to shoot and state the cover save that he will allow (in this case if he said 6+ then the model with the 5+ cover would be ignored and all the shots would go on the nearest model with 6+ or worse cover save.

    1. Anon 12:44, I was thinking the same. Forgot to put that in the post. I deeply appreciate you providing a reference!


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