Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Airbrush Hazard/Caution Stripes

Decided to airbrush the hazard stripes on the door for the diorama.  Surprisingly fun.

Paint used.  Jon Kovalic Armoury Black primer and Vallejo Model Air Yellow.
Tamiya Tape 6mm.  Like blue tape or painters tape, when this applied to paint it shouldn't take paint off.  Purchased at Hub Hobby.  Also available at Amazon.

Where you put the first piece of tape is possibly the most important to place correctly.  Mess up here and it can cause quite a mess later.

While trying to figure out how to keep the same distance between black and yellow it occurred to me.  Use the same tape.  It will act as a guide where to place the next piece.

There's a little give here, little take there.  Great spacing.

Modelling knife to cut off excess.

Blue tape to block out portions that shouldn't get yellow.

Remembering 40k buddy Wade's advice "Spray a finish before applying new paint."  Airbrush paint is thin.  It is quite easy for tape to pull off the paint.  To shorten drying time of dullcoat I hit the door with a blowdryer.

After applying the dullcoat and using blow dryer on it.  Don't let the tape stay in contact with airbrush paint long.  Time to paint the few parts that were hit with the airbrush.

Looking good.  Little touch here and there and done.

slainte mhath

blooper pic
In the first draft of this post I made a comment to allow airbrush to paint to dry before pulling the tape free.  Don't.  Airbrush paint when allowed to dry, example overnight, will cling to the tape and will pull off when you take the paint off.  Have to be quick to remove the tape to avoid undoing your work.  Too much airbrush paint can cause this as well.


  1. great tutorial =) I'm going to try this, but since I don't have an airbrush I'll try this with spray ...

    1. Shadowcl4w, that is a tremendously smart idea. Spray paint. Damn. Nicely done.


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