Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Walkers and Assault, Denial Units and Controlling Objectives

Here are the last rules from game four of Dark Star and a question Bryan asked me that Sat night.

Walkers: Walkers and Assault 40k6 pg 84

Against an Immobilized Walker, models always roll for armour penetration against its rear armour.

Context: Psyflemen was Immobilized and assaulted by Skyclaw Jump Infantry.  Was curious if it could rotate to fight them in assault.  It could not.  Was pretty sure of this but since I don't use Walkers a lot wanted to double check.

Denial Units 40k6 pg 123

In the Eternal War missions, all units (including troops) are denial units, save for a few exceptions. given below:

Context: After the game was talking to Travis about Scoring and Denial units.  I was under the mistaken impression that only troops were denial units.  He pointed this out to me.  Thanks, Travis.

Controlling Units 40k6 pg 123

A unit can only control one objective at a time.  If a unit moves into a position where it could control two objectives, you must make it clear to your opponent which objective the unit is controlling.

Context: Bryan asked about this Sat night.  Didn't say exactly why.  Just being curious about it.  At FOYCON in Nov there was a CSM player that had a 30 strong Cultist squad that wanted to control two objectives.  Informed him he had to choose one.

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