Saturday, March 30, 2013

6th ed Rules of the Game: Move Through Cover, Malediction, Fearless and Allocate Wounds

Some other rules from Wed nights game.

Move Through Cover 40k6 pg 40

A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule rolls an extra D6 when rolling to move through difficult terrain.  In most circumstances, this will mean that the unit rolls 3D6 and picks the highest roll.  Furthermore, a model with the Move Through Cover special rule automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests.  The Move Through Cover special rule has no effect on charge range rolls or Impact Tests (see page 95).

Context: Considered moving Vindicare through cover for a shot.  Completely forgot about 3D6.  Bryan reminded me of it.

Malediction 40k6 pg 68

Maledictions are manifested at the start of the Pysker's Movement phase.

Context: This power was used in the shooting phase as a shooting attack.  Didn't learn they are cast in Movement til looked it up.  There's a post regarding why this is placed here.  Will be looking for others opinions of that rule.

Fearless 40k6 pg 35 yet another duplicate

Units containing one ore more models with the Fearless special rule automatically pass Pinning, Fear and Regroup tests and Morale Checks, but cannot Go to Ground and cannot choose to fail a Morale Check due to the Our Weapons are Useless rule (see page 26).

Context: Had two Purifiers Go to Ground for an increased cover save from incoming Plasma Gun.  Wasn't til following turn that Bryan reminded me that Purifiers can't go to ground because they are Fearless.  Completely forgot that.

Allocate Wounds 40k6 pg 15

First, allocate a Wound from the Wound pool to the enemy model closest to the firing unit.

Context: As Bryan and I play more and more games of 6th ed we are using more and more of the system quite specifically.  This is one of those specific moments.  As the player who developed the Wound Pool, rolling to wound, you choose which wound the target saves against first.  This is the same as Allocating Wounds in assault 40k6 pg 25.  Except if there are two that are the closest the controlling player chooses which makes the save.

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