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40k 6th ed Lexicon v1.3

Lexicon Tuesday.  There's great deal of information about 40k all over the web.  Many of it uses short hand to communicate a message.  I'm compiling a lexicon to help me decipher what they mean.  Warseer is great that it has the terms linked to what they can mean.  I endeavour to copy their method in the future.  In the mean time I hope you learn as much as I do if not more.

First 40k book I purchased back in 91

Tasha, Suijin, Anons, Spyrle and Vargna have provided entries.  If you'd like to provide some make a comment.  Will update this post and put credit where its deserved.

slainte mhath

++: Invulernable Save
d6: Roll 1 six sided dice
2d6: Roll 2 six sided dice
40K6: Warhammer 40,000 6th edition.  Read same for other editions.  40K5 = fifth edition.
AA: Anti-Aircraft.  Weapons that have Skyfire rule.
Alpha Strike: Tremendous amount shooting meant to cripple, if not greatly hinder, the opponent in the first round of shooting.
AoBR: Assault on Black Reach.  5th ed starter box.
AP: Armour Penetration.  If weapons AP is less than Sv target cannot roll Save.   
ATSKNF: and They Shall Know No Fear, Space Marine.
B2B: base-to-base
BAO: Bay Area Open.  A tournament ran by Frontline Gaming in San Francisco.
BatRep: Battle Report.  Details of a game.
BP: Bolt Pistol
BotBG: Blessing of the Blood God, Khorne Gift
BRB: Basic Rulebook
Bubblewrap: Unit or units used to protect other units. q.v. 12.5.9 BatRep Necron vs Chaos Daemons
BYB: Big Yellow Book.  6th ed corebook.
CC: Close Combat
CCB: Catacomb Command Barge, Necron.
CCW: Close Combat Weapon
CD: Chaos Daemons
Chimera ML/HF: Multi-laser Heavy Flamer, Imperial Guard.
CoD: Cities of Death.  Games Workshop buildings.
CSM: Chaos Space Marines
Dark Harlistar:  Harlequin heavy Dark Eldar list.
DAVU, Dire Avengers as Vehicle Upgrade. Where for 60 points a min sized squad of troops inside a Falcon made it scoring (5th ed).  Credit: Spyrle
DBJ: Don't be a Jerk!  Tag we put on back of CONvergence badges.  Be cool, don't piss off fellow players thus maintain potential gamers for future games.
DCA: Death Cult Assassins, Inquisitor Henchmen.
DE: Dark Eldar
DK: Dreadknight, Grey Knights.
DKOK: Death Korps of Krieg, Imperial Guard.
DH: Daemon Hunters.  3rd ed Codex convering Sisters of Battle and Inquisitors.
DoA: Descent of Angels.  Ability of Blood Angels re-roll failed deep strike and scatter d6 instead of 2d6
DoC: Daemons of Chaos
DoM: Doom of Malan'tai, Tyranids
DoW = Dawn of War, another of the 3 mission types in the game.  Credit: Suijin.
DP: Daemon Prince, Chaos Daemons.
DS: Deep Strike (40k6 p36)
DT: Designated Transport (40k6 p78)
DtW: Deny the Witch. (40k6 p68)
DW: Draigowing, a Grey Knight army list.
EL: Eldar
EML: Eldar Missile Launcher (40k6 p414)
FAAC: Fashion at all Costs.  Building an army based on fashion not winning.  (This is mostly what I do, though I'm trying to balance the sides)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.
(F)LGS: (Favourite[Friendly]) Local Gaming Store.  The place where your wallet goes to die.  Friendly credited to Tasha.
FoR: Fortress of Redemption.
Flyrant: Flying Hive Tyrant.
FMC = Flying Monstrous Creature.  Credit: Anonymous 12.7.31 10:35AM
FNP: Feel No Pain.  Special Rule (40k6 p35).  Ability to avoid being wounded.
FOC: Force Organization Chart
GEQ: Guard Equivalent: Lots of 5+ or worse saves (low stats)
GK: Grey Knights
GKSS: Grey Knights Strike Squad
GS: Green Stuff
GT (Grand Tournament): Regional event that usually consists of 2-3 days of 40k battles.
H2H: hand-to-hand
HnA: Hammer and Anvil.  One of three deployments in 6th.
HP = Hull Points.  credit: Vargna
HtP: How to Paint a digital download.
KP: Kill Points.  Same as Victory Points.  q.v.VP
LOS: Line of Sight
LoS: Look Out, Sir. (40k6 p16).  Not to be confused with LOS.  Note lowercase "o".
LRBT: Leman Russ Battle Tank, Imperial Guard.
Mathhammer:  Statistics people use to determine the result of dice rolled one unit vs another. q.v.  http://www.heresy-online.net/combatcalculator/shooting.php (warning ESET anti-virus says something about the site having a Trojan and disables that tab, I use Firefox)
MEQ: Marine Equivalent: 3+ save (high stats)
Meta: Play style/army build.  Example: 40k Community in Jacksonville mostly use range armies.  40k Community in Dallas mostly use Hand-to-Hand armies.
MoK: Mark of Khorne
MoN: Mark of Nurgle
MoS: Mark of Slaanesh
MoT: Mark of Tzeentch
MSU: Multiple Small Units.  Elites, Troops, Fast Attack in squads less than 10.  Designed to spam the field and provide target saturation.  Target saturation is providing a tremendous amount of units for your opponent to shoot at.
NDK: Nemesis Dread Knight, Grey Knights.
NE: Necrons
Paladinstar:  A Grey Knight army using Paladin's which are notoriously hard to kill.
PBS: Psyker Battle Squad, Imperial Guard.
PC: Psycannon i.e. Paladin 1 PC Banner.  Terminator Grey Knight with Psycannon and Banner.
PGL: Phantom Grenade Launchers, Dark Eldar.
Psyback: Razorback with psyammunition, Grey Knights.
Psyrifle Dread (Psyflemen):  Grey Knights Dreadnought with psyammunition on Autocannons.
PT: Personal Teleporter, Grey Knights.
RAW: Rules as Written. Exampe: Mawlock is a large blast weapon therefore cannot hit flyers.
RCL: Random Charge Length
RT: Rogue Trader 1st ed 40k
RTT: Rogue Trader Tournament.  Smaller scale tournament.
SAFH: Shooty Army From Hell.  Typically referring to Imperial Guard because of the number of shots.
SB: Storm Bolter i.e. Paladin 1 SB Banner.  Terminator Grey Knight with Storm Bolter and Banner.
SiTW: Shadow in the Warp, Tyranid.
nP: Slow and Purposeful.  Special Rule (40k6 p42) 
SoB = Sisters of Battle (AKA red-headed step children of the Imperium) Credit: Suijin.
Sport: Short for Sportsmanship.  The way one presents themselves during a game.
Sv: Save, have to roll equal to or greater than number on d6 to avoid being wounded.
SW: Space Wolves
TAC: Take all Comers, a list built to fight any army list.
Tabled: Every model has been removed from the table.
That Guy: A gamer who is a rules-lawyer-*ssh#l@ and/or that is out to ruin other peoples fun.
tic tacs:  Little white breath tablets you use to win.
TEQ: Terminator Equivalent: 2+ save (high stats)
ToS: Tournament of Skulls.
TH/SS: Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, Space Marine.
USR: Universal Special Rules. i.e. Feel No Pain, Scout, etc. 5th ed.
VoD: Veil of Darkness, Necrons.  Piece of wargear that allows Necrons to deep strike instead of normal move.
VP: Victory Points. Example: Slay the Warlord Secondary Objective yeilds 1 VP, unless Purge the Alien then 2 VPs.
WAAC: Win at all Costs.  A method to abuse the game mechanics to win the game.
WIP: Work in Progress, stages a model goes through when being put together and painted.
WoC: Warriors of Chaos
WW AA: Whirl Wind Anti-Aircraft, Space Marine.
WWP: Webway Portal, Dark Eldar.

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