Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canoptek Wraiths part 2

Ok, first of all whoever called these Canoptek Wraiths was clearly pulling a joke on us.  I prefer to call them Pain in the Ass.

Probably the coolest part of the model to assemble.  The rest No.

I've had it up to here with these little parts with flash that need attention or it will be an eye sore for me.  Hell I'm considering the next part of these models to be so easy I won't have to worry about those parts ever again.

Here you see where I strategically put drops of superglue so it wouldn't ooze out.

Quite handy.  No oozing.

Three out of six and this night cannot end fast enough.  Seriously these guys are a pain.

Four out of six.  Damn am I glad I don't have to put the other arms on the other side.

When supergluing the bottom put little dots of glue on the inside of the pegs.  This avoids it oozing into the arm sockets.

Place superglue on the inside edge of the top again to avoid it oozing out where the top armour connects to the body.

Used head from Canoptek Syder.  Each of my Wraiths will have a different head.  This required some creative cutting.

Oh, tail of Wraiths how I loath thee so!  Seriously worst tail.  Other two are dreamy.  This one was designed as a stress test for modellers.

Don't know about you but they are beginning to look like the Usual Suspects.

For middle and rear part of the body put superglue on the inside of these pegs again to avoid oozing superglue.

Quite pleased.  I know how to use the auto-focus feature on my camera.  Shouldn't have anymore blurry pics of models.  Look at that.  Nice and crisp picture.

Now these guys I truly loath.  If I ever work on them again it will be too soon.  My advice.  Throw these in the trash with the sprue you'll be better off.

Wonder which one is Keyser Söze.  Must be the funny looking one with a limp and feeble arm.

Done!  Now to determine if I want to start painting them before the next part of their construction.  hmmm

slainte mhath


  1. You've done better than I would. They'd be embedded in the wall by the second or third. While concerned neighbours gather to see what all the abusive shouting was about. Armed response officers kick down the door and tazer me.

    Ten years of therapy and I'd be good as new.

    1. I'm close to the ten years of therapy for putting these models together.

      Guess that is a bonus for modelling with earbuds. I can curse and yell but can't hear anyone knocking on my door.


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