Sunday, September 30, 2012

Possibly worst Necron unit to assault

First of all it costs 550pts.  I think it is worth every point.

Like Natfka's mindset when it comes to building certain units.  He uses Plasma and Melta Veterans that will punish anyone who gets close.  Immediately thought of him when I finally heard about this unit as I assaulted it with 4 Wraiths.

There really wasn't much I could do.  It was either "Go Big or Go Home."  Either way I was going to get shot once by the squad.  Ultimately came down to when I was going to assault him.  It was completely on my time table.  He knew this and let me come to him.  Haven't figured out how to take care of this unit with my present list.  Another list I can see handling it with relative ease.  I didn't bring that list and certainly never encountered this.

Check it out.

10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters.
1 Overlord with Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs and Sempiternal Weave
Nemesor Zandrekh
2 Harbinger of the Storm Crypteks with Lightning fields

Since I brought 2x 6 Canoptek Wraith list.  Was going to assault with Wraiths.  I know from now on never to assault this squad ever again.  Move Wraiths to smaller groups.

I knew the pain was going to happen.  Rapid fire gauss.  Wasn't much I could do about it.  What I wasn't expecting was the number of Overwatch Str 5 weapon shots.  Rapid fire Immortals, Voltaic Staves and Nemesor's weapon.  His turn of shooting took out two Wraiths.  Overwatch gave me another wound.  But that wasn't the kicker.  Lightning Field.

Those not in the know.

Necron Codex 5th ed pg 85

When an enemy unit successfully moves into assault with the Cryptek (or his unit) the assault unit immediately suffers D6 Strength 8, AP 5 hits.

Since he had Nemesor and an Overlord he can get access to two courts and load up this 550pts squad with two of these nasty Crypteks.

Suffices to say wraiths didn't have a good day.  What was 4 fast Hammer of Wraith wraiths coming into to ruin a large squad of Necrons I only had 1 left to do anything.  He rolled 8.  Instant death abounds.

This is not a unit you assault.  This is a unit you shoot, shoot, shoot and keep shooting long after nothing is moving.  Of course Nemesor's Resurrection Orb allowed Immortals to stand back up with a 50% chance instead of 33%.

My advice if you are playing Necrons which already has some Crypteks in it.  Give this a try.  As Scott said "When it (army list) works, it works...."  Leaving the obligatory 'when it doesn't work' hanging out there.  Which are like a lot of lists.

slainte mhath


  1. Page bookmarked, I am going to try this out for sure :D

    1. It is a damned nasty unit to assault. You can taunt your opponent into attacking them by placing them exactly across the board. Putting the feeling into your opponent to keep that straight line short. That tactic will only work once. It really doesn't matter when they assault you with 2D6 Str 8 AP 5 lightning.

  2. Guess you have to pie plate them.


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