Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Canoptek Wraiths part 6

Finally some good work on the wraiths.  Feeling really good about getting them done in time.

Tin Bitz on all armoured parts.

tin bitz done

Feels good being at the table so often.  Really shouldn't take such a long break.

Here's the progression from two washes of Badab Black over Tin Bitz (left), then one wash middle), then none (right).  Really like how the black wash mutes the shine of the bitz while providing a dark finish.

All wraiths have received two washes of Badab Black and are ready for detail.

The green glow detail on the spyders took a lot of time.  Decided I would take a few short cuts.  From the results of the spyders don't see how they will imact the wraiths.  Like the spyders started with Dark Angels Green.  Though there's something wrong.  Its darker than I remembered.  After completing the first wraith and starting second I check the blog post that goes over the colours I used (that is the second time blog posts have helped me with painting).  Actually first colour is Snot Green.  Four out of five receive Snot Green.  Still had time to paint so started fifth.

View of backs for a better pic of the Snot Green.

slainte mhath

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