Sunday, September 2, 2012

Orikan the Diviner, my Necron Warlord part 3

Put about 6.5hrs into him today and didn't finish him.  So close though.  Just paint base material and base to black then drybrush Amethyst Purple over base material.

Need to do something about divet in the Transdimensional Beamer.  It occurred to me.  One of my Canoptek Spyder bits!

Thought about putting an actual spyder bit on.  Then it occurred to me.  I could cut off one of the balls for the ball/socket joint and put it in the divet.

Much better!

Leviathan Purple wash over Boltgun Metal.  Almost a blue steel effect.

Back part of the beamer Chainmail.

Green Glaze over Chainmail.  Give it the whole green Necron glow effect.

Goblin Green for rune on leg.

And runes on back.

Boltgun Metal for ribcage.

Highlight of Chainmail.  Slight wash over of Badab Black.

Sparingly Mithril Silver highlight.

At Blick's picking up more brushes.  I saw this guy.  He's much smaller than my stippling brush and would be great for drybrushing green glow on my new Necrons.

Blurry pic of width.

Other side is thin.  Already used him a little and damn I'm loving it.

Using new brush lightly drybrushed Boltgun Metal to create a metal shine on the beamer.

Slight highlight of Chainmail over Boltgun Metal.  Terribly proud of myself how I was able do with this a light hand.  This will help with spyders.  Can't highlight all the parts because some of them are going to be getting a green glow.  Have to think ahead where you will be placing paint so what you're painting now doesn't affect you later.

Royal ornaments Amethyst Purple.

Runes on ornaments Flash Gitz Yellow.

Time to add the head.

Dots on runes Mithril Silver.

Loin clothe painted same colour as Wraithing Worldscape C'tan's body.  Blood Red base.

Magenta Ink over it.

You might notice that I cut two more lines around the eye from the original model.  Time to paint the head.  Goblin Green for runes on head.  Mithril Silver for crown around face.

Purple Ink wash over the silver.  I think it looks great.  Eye and bulb in crown Dark Angels Green.

Bulbs on back and beamer Dark Angels Green.

Time for staff to get some love.  Boltgun Metal for shaft.

Ends Scorpion Green.  Burnished Gold for equipment around rune above hand.

Leviathan Purple wash over Boltgun Metal.

Regal Blue for base of symbol.  Symbol Mithril Silver.

Really should've blended this.  Golbin Green over Dark Angels Green on bulbs.

This is where I confirm that I should've blended the different greens so it would look smooth.  5:1 Skull White to Goblin Green for last highlight.

Time for the Staff of Tomorrow to be added.  You'll notice the staff leads to the right.  Turns out staff returned to its bent shape.

Some strategically placed superglue and staff is straight again.

Gem in middle on top part of the staff Mithril Silver.

Time for the part that gets us so close to the end.  5:1 Space Wolves Grey to Skull White over body.  Continue to add more white til you can see the white armour of Orikan.

5:2 Space Wolves Grey to Skull White.  Further highlight building up.  Can actually catch the difference.

Only after doing that did it occur to me that I should've just built up with successive layers of watered down white.  At this point I'm doing straight Skull White but watered down so the white will be smooth.

Gem in top middle of staff Purple Ink over Mithril Silver.  Middle section of staff and balls at end Skull White for lightning.  Then very watered down Flash Gitz Yellow to mute the white.

Gryphonne Sepia on base.  So close to the end.

Missed the bottom staff energy rod.  Added lightning there like mentioned before.  Cute little scarabs get a treatment of Chainmail.  Since I'm so close I cut a corner and don't put down black before drybrushing the Chainmail.

Medium grey ballast for base.  Need to let it dry before finishing model.  Sunday Orikan will be done!  Quite happy.  My spyders want to be finished.  Necron flyers want to be put together and painted.  Have an airbrush lined to help with the large surface area.  Really need to buy me one so I can down on painting.

slainte mhath

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