Monday, September 10, 2012

Shrine of the Aquila lost to Necrons, My first diorama

Finally this is the model I've been waiting for.  Had this idea after reading a post online.  Inspired by Ron at FTW, along with a piece of terrain at Fantasy Flight and my painting score at Fantasy Flights pre-Adepticon tournament.  I'll provide a pic of the painting score below.

Those of you who have looked at my Canoptek Wraiths posts may have noticed I have been alluding to something.  Well here it is.  Enjoy.  I hope this inspires others to do something better.

Thank you, Shawn.  Picked me up Crowe and Shrine of the Aquila.

Let's start off with the painting score at Fantasy Flight's pre-adepticon Tournament last March.  I carry this in my bag.  Not because I'm holding a grudge.  Because I want it as a constantly reminder how my expectations didn't live up to reality.  I keep so I can know what I can do better.  That I WILL do better.

My hubris allowed me to believe having a completely painted army with a couple of fantasically painted models would throw me into the top painters at the event.  Boy was I wrong.  While I did get the highest points for painting I suffered in the rest.  Which made complete sense after seeing other players had these huge 2'x2' boards with the imperial aquila display board.  The display board you place your models on.  I used a white magnetic board for my models.  Nightbringer and Monolith are too pretty and bulky to be juggling them to the car and to the store.  That would be remedied is what I thought after the event.

Pic dump of Shrine of Aquila.

Here are some tools I used to cut up the Shrine.  It should be noted this is one of those "I did not measure twice cut once" things.

Should've bought a little saw blade for my dremel.

Going to do a series of these pics to provide an idea of what I plan on doing.

Cutting along the seems really helped me out.

One of these is unlike the others.  That will present problems later.

This unfortunately is a mistake I will have to live.

I really like how the tail phases through the shrine wall.

Here I'm seeing where I will have to cut through Wraiths tail to place the shrine wall just so.

Noting where I have to cut into the body of the Wraith so the it looks like the Wraith is phasing through it.

Can see here what parts I had to cut out of the Wraith to place the Shrines window.

For added stability I pinned the Shrine wall to the base.

Looking great.  Now you can see why I didn't put arms on the other side of the body.  Didn't know what arms I could and could not put on.

Actually found it advantageous to put the Wraith completely together.  Can leave the tail on the base and have an idea where the wall will land.

Pin through bottom of base for more stability.

A great example for putting the Wraith together to know how it will work with the diorama.  Please don't get me wrong.  This isn't the ideal way to do this.

Ended up ripping the tail off.  As Craig told me sometime ago regarding leveling.  You either A) have to make it perfect or B) not make it close.  Same with this.  Either I have the tail phasing along with arms (hell no!) or rip the tail off.

There's a problem with this pic.  Not sure if you can catch it.

Much better.

Will have to fill in that gap ontop.

Now to give the shrine an undercoat.  Then paint it.  Shouldn't take too long.  Need stop by Home Depot to get board as the foundation of the diorama.  Apply some Green Stuff to fill in gaps in shrine walls and Wraiths where they are phasing through walls.

Thank you, Ron, for the inspiring post regarding Necron phasing through walls!

slainte mhath


  1. Looks good. Was going to ask "Do they fit back in the walls?" before I saw the rest of the blog. -LT

    1. LT, thanks. The ultimate purpose of the diorama is a carry case for a Necron Army. Will be putting magnets on diorama so the army can be transported with entire diorama from place to place for tournaments.


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