Saturday, September 1, 2012

The #1 reason you should buy the 6th ed starter box Dark Vengeance Limited Edition

Possibly the longest title I will ever use when making a post.

Seriously I'd like to share with you what I believe is the number one reason why you should buy 6th ed limited edition starter boxset.

Couple of quick notes.  Two Fridays ago after our RPG session Bryan made the excellent suggestion that if we are going to both buy the boxset we can exchange models.  He would get my Chaos and I would get his Dark Angels.  I instantly agreed.  Second is that while talking to Wade last Friday about commission he said he would buy the Ravenwing units from me.  Offered him a deal.  He buys me a Cryptek and I would give him the six Ravenwing bikes I'll have.

As soon as I walk into Fantasy Flight last night there's Wade handing me this gorgeous girl.  Once it was time to purchase our boxsets, and pose for the Fantasy Flight crapbook page photo, everyone busted into their sets.  It seemed about 6 out of 10 buyers immediately started snipping out components out of their boxsets and trading them to someone else.  Like that saying "Fools seldom differ."  Asked Wade which bits in the sprues were his.  Gave them to him and it was all good.  Walked out with double Deathwing and Dark Angels no lame Ravenwing.  Received Librarian, Chaplin and Captain x 2.  Two buddies made a deal.  Lane wanted some Chaos Cultists worked with Bryan to trade his Hellbrute for cultists.  Bryan now has 3 Hellbrutes.  Damn nice deal.

Bryan did say to me in the parking lot that he was surprised I only asked for a Cryptek.  Consider box of three Ravenwing is 45$.  Told him I only wanted the mini-rulebook the rest was bonus.  He said he could see my point.  I'm comfortable if Wade believes he got a deal.  I'm very happy I have a Cryptek.  Thank you, Wade!

I know this is getting away from my point.  Why should you buy the limited edition boxset.  Allow me to chat about the other bits I received before landing my point.

I still HATE those 18" red sticks.  They first appeared in 3rd ed boxset.

Cut up from mine and Bryan's boxsets.

More templates and lame scatter dice.  If it doesn't have second ed or Rogue Trader mark it is less in my eyes.

Missing parts went to Wade.  Thanks again!

Have Terminator and Tac squads bases.  I think I have four extra bases.  Will find out whom to give them to soon.

Was fortunate enough to get 20% discount off boxset.  Dave at Fantasy Flight said that he over ordered the special dice and that if anyone wanted some he would sell them for 25%.  I immediately chimed up saying I'd like Munitorum Dice.

Total price tag 104.96$.  Less than limited boxset by itself.

Ok now for the point.  Thanks for following along.  I believe it is worth it.

Someone mentioned on my favourite 40k blog, Natfka's blog, they wouldn't spend more money on the boxset for one model.  If you don't believe getting the limited edition isn't worth it because of the one model, a special character at that.  That you can buy the boxset in a week for 99$ instead of 107$ this week.  I have one question...

Again trade with Bryan.  You only get one of these Chaplins not two.

When was the last time Games Workshop charged 8 dollars for a special model?

slainte mhath

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