Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Taking the night off, I hope you're enjoying your evening as well.

Decided I would give myself a night off from painting/modelling after I'm done with Shawn's Eldar.  Gave Shawn's models back to him last Fri.  He asked where we were at money-wise.  He whinced.  I don't blame him.  He was planning on having me paint his Eldar Elites.  He decided he would do them himself.  Told him it made sense, it's cheaper.  He probably doesn't want the amount of cash hanging over is head or afraid it will affect our relationship.  I would never let it.  He doesn't know that.

Now that the commission is official done it's time for me to relax.  Spending this Tues evening like I did before Shawn's Eldar.  Watching a movie, probably two, and chilling out.  What's on the schedule?  Memento, bag of Jack Link's Sweet & Hot beef jerky, bag of Frozen Pepperoni slices, three different bottles of Fox Barrel unfiltered cider along with some Chinese food from House of Wong in Roseville.  While pondering my next commission job.  Deathwing Land Raider.

I've always loved dvd easter eggs.

Before Christopher Nolan enchanted us with great movies like The Dark Knight, Inception or The Prestige he knocked us off our feet with a great film called Memento.  Most of you've seen it.  If you haven't netflix it, borrow it from a buddy or buy it.  I'm damn sure you won't be disappointed.

Put the link of my Commission post on my crapbook page.  Received overwhelming support for the blog.  Hell someone asked how I would feel about painting something non-40k.  Told him, just like I said in that post, I would feel great.  Even used the words "I think I got a little wet."

Perhaps another commission job is in the near future.  Will find out.  Really want to paint that Deathwing Land Raider with Dark Angel Chapter doors.  Placing a Forgeworld order soon.  Figure it will take me about a month to paint to the exacting high detail I require.  Then throw it up on ebay at a ridiculously low price and let the market decide where it goes.  Hopefully that lands late Oct.

Here's a pic of one of my three Deathwing Land Raiders for my army to give you an idea where I will be going.  Anytime I bring my Land Raiders out they always get compliments.  Looking at them now after even painting my Noir Engel Rhino's I find these are below par.  It'll be ok.

slainte mhath


  1. It's always good to see cannons infront of the doors. I hate seeing them in the rear port. The Dark Angel SM goes out the side door and Zap!! Right in the head... -LT

    1. Right with you there. Made no sense to me. Think I saw that in SM codex and loved it. Joe mentions by putting them in front you get extra range to your shooting.


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