Friday, September 28, 2012

How to paint Glowing Colours

Quick guide how to paint glowing effects.

Again to put credit where it is due.  This was inspired from Zali at warhammer with Zali.  Thank you, Zali.

You can do almost any colour.  I'd suggest keeping them on the same side of the colour wheel.  This is the colour wheel I use.  I have printed it out and reference it somewhat regularly.  I find it helpful because in the middle it informs me the difference between tint and hue.

Grab your canvas.  Here we have a Night Scythe wing that looks surprisingly familiar.  Not sure why.

Inside the runes/glyphs I paint my first layer/colour.  Snot Green.

Second layer/colour is a 1:1 Snot Green and Scorpion Green.  Make sure not to paint all the way to the edges.  Leave some of the darker green near the edges.  This is harder when you're painting smaller runes.  Say Canoptek Spyders or Wraiths for example.

Next is third layer/colour.  4:1 Skull White to Scorpion Green.  If mixed correctly it looks like Bleached Bone.  Why not just use Bleached Bone?  Because you're a high class painter and wouldn't dare take short cuts.  Yeah, I'm laughing also.

Time for some of that industrial lite and magik that makes it all work.  Drybrush Scorpion green around runes/glyphs and inside making sure to coat everything.

As you can imagine you can use other colours.  Again as long as they are neighbours on the colour wheel.  Preferably within the same hue.  See, that wheel did teach me something.  Of course you could teach me a thing or two by being bold and forgetting the colour wheel and doing something awesome.  Feel free to email me the pics so I can praise your work.

How to Paint Necron Night Scythe

slainte mhath


  1. Looks good. How would you do Lava or fire? -LT

    1. That is actually something I did when painting Shawn's Avatar. In it I showed the process I used.

      Basically basecoat white, then feather (lightly add paint) yellow over the white, then feather orange over yellow, then feather red over orange and finally black over the orange. Make sure you don't cover the bottom layer with the layer you're applying ontop of it.

      Feel free to look for Avatar on the keyword on the right to see how I did the Avatar lava.


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