Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Necron Night Scythes part 1

Thanks to Ebay and Spikey Bits I have the next part to my Necron army.  Will be funny to see the army slip back to the Spyder/Scarab fun I really enjoy.

These are surprisingly fun to put together.  Almost snap fit, not quite.  Still need glue.


Cockpit and pilot


Arms head


Bottom wings


Top of chassis and wings
Just like my Eldar Falcons and Fire Prism, along with Shawns, I mark the inside of the vehicle with date and music I'm listening to when assembling it.  Kind of like an easter egg if someone happens to take the vehicle apart.

At this point I figure putting the pilot in after assembling the chassis would be preferrable.

Tesla Destructors


Invasion Beamer

Assembling the Invasion Beamer sans lens.  Figured if I put the lens on would have a hard time painting the emitter.

Top bottom hull sensor array and emitters.  These parts are super fun to put together


Night Scythe feels surprisingly solid when glued together.  There's a sort of weight to it.

Assembled with tesla destructors and invasion beamer

Bottom view

Front view


Second night scythes date and music

Double mint gum

Double your pleasure, double your fun

First foray into airbrushing.  Quite speckled and airbrush started spurting.  Thinking paint was too thick.  Even though it was labelled Vallejo Air.  Definitely plan on 40/60 paint to airbrush thinner when I'll be airbrushing.


Vallejo Air Rust, Tin Bitz and Tinny Tin comparison.  This is what one gets for being colour blind.

Boltgun Metal for key parts.  Again painting from inside out.  2 of 2 Night Scythes.

Top view of Boltgun Metal.

Boltgun Metal 1 of 2.

Boltgun Metal on Telsa Destructors and Invasion Beamer.

2 of 2 Tin Bits, have very little of it need to conserve.  While painting this it occurred to me that I only have to paint the top for the tournament.  Who's going to be looking at the bottom?

While considering painting only the top which would cut my painting time down substantially I remembered a Michael Keaton movie where he worked for an auto plant bought by Japanese.  At the end of the movie he tried to convince the Japanese owners that they made X number of cars over Y period.  Upon inspection he pretends to buff a windshield.  Which Japanese inspector reaches out to touch the windshield only to reach right through it.  Wade suggested I put the Youtube clip of it up but was unable to find it.

This is about the time I took a little break and headed to Fantasy Flight to purchase two drop pods from Wade for 35$.  Since neither of the two colours match Tin Bits decided to try the new Citadel colour and grab Tin Bits replacement.

Warplock Bronze and Tin Bitz

Front 1 of 2

Tin Bitz basecoat.

First wash of Badab Black.  Really need to get some more.  Too bad they aren't making it anymore.  Ron from FTW found a great replacement.

Second wash of Badab Black.

1 of 2 second wash.

2 of 2 drybrushed highlight Boltgun Metal on edges.

1 of 2 received same drybrushing treatment.

Looking beautiful!
These are going remarkably fast.  Hopefully the pace remains so.  I only have 12 more hours of painting to get these guy in flying condition, get it?.  Don't think that will be much a problem.  Kind of worried about the four layers of green for the glowing effect.  Should work out.

How to Paint Night Scythes

slainte mhath

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