Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canoptek Wraiths Phasing part 5

It has been too long since I've been at my modelling table.  I truly miss it.

Arms to right and left side of the wraiths where they were phasing through the shrine walls.

Was under the weather last week.  Friend come in towne.  Wasn't much time to model last week.  Should've made it more of a priority.  I have 12 days til my secound Tournament.  Fantasy Flight is doing a 1500 pts Dark Vengeance tourney the 29th.  Two models to put completely together and 8 to paint by then.  Only have 8 days, maybe 9 max, to do it.  Should be done in that time.  Buddies airbrush I will use on Sat will help a lot I think.

profile of left arms

profile of right arms

Time for greens stuff.  In this case Grey Stuff.  Gale Force 9 makes some great modelling puddy.  Find its easier to work with than GW's.  Also beats them on price.  Now if I can only find it by the tub at a reasonable price.  If you know of some please drop a link or info.  Thanks in advance

tail pre GF9

This one is a little more difficult than I wanted.  Still should be able to make it work.

side of tail pre GF9

This guy is going to give me a huge headache.  Turns out not really.  Such a huge gap between the body and shrine wall.  This was the first wraith I cut into.  Learned a lot from this wraiths for the others.

body pre GF9

Doesn't look too bad.  Probably could do a little shaving to make it curve with the tail into the shrine wall.

tail post GF9

This one turned out surprisingly well.

tail side post GF9

While having difficulting filling that huge gap between the body and wall of wraith mentioned before.  I remembered Mr Pink's tutorial on Natfka's site.  He mentioned when the stickiness of the puddy is grabbing onto your applicator instead of going where you want you can use chap stick.  Received this stick from a free lienie's bag give at away at a bar years ago.

Dipping the end.

Now there's a spread of the chap stick on the tool.

Since chap stick the grey stuff wanted to cooporate easily.  Thanks, Mr Pink!  Been meaning to buy a silicon brush.  After using chap stick Will definitely be buying one of those now.

All GF9'd up and ready for paint.

Putting on the arms and grey stuffing took up plenty of time.  Was only able to paint the arms of the second and third from the left.  Will get the rest Tues night.

Hindsight I wouldn't have cut these guys up and converted them with the walls.  As I considered it that is a 90$ risk.  Hopefully it pays off on the table.

slainte mhath

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