Sunday, September 30, 2012

6th ed Rules of the Game: Assault Wound Allocation, Fearless, Tesla Arc

Learned a few things at and after the Tournament today.

When allocating wounds to models in assault it doesn't have to be the closest model.  The player that is being attacked chooses which model to remove.

40k6 pg 25 Allocating wounds.  First bullet point.

If there is more than one eligible candidate , the player controlling the models being attacked chooses which model it is allocated to.


My second game at the tournament I played against Bryan's Chaos Space Marine Nurgle list.  One of his Plague Marines was tied in Whip Coils from last turn.  At his initiate step he moved models into B2B, base-to-base, to wraiths.  When it came time for Wraiths to attack back he didn't make enough Saves and Feel No Pain rolls and had to remove models.  He removed a model that wasn't in contact with the wraith at the beginning of the Fight sub-phase.  I argued based on closest model should be removed.  This would remove the model that couldn't attack because of Whip Coils.  Bryan said no, he could pick.  We moved past it and said we'd look it up later.  I looked it up after the game and told him he's correct.

Necron FAQ 6th ed v1.1

Q: Do you roll for a tesla destructor’s Arc special rule if the unit it
shot at was wiped out by the shooting attack? (p82)
A: No, as there is no unit to measure range from.


My third game.  Scott's Night Scythe shot at a squad of 5 Necron Warriors.  Only one remained standing.  He rolled Telsa Destructors Arc for several of his nearby units.  He said if the Warrior didn't make his save he wouldn't be have to roll for the arc.  Informed him that he would.  He was very clear in his message that wasn't the case.  Said will look that up later and went with it.  He is absolutely right.

By the way Scott was the opponent I had the most fun with out of all three games.  I dare say he's the most enjoyable opponent I've ever played.  Has a great personality.  Easy to get along with.  Fun attitude and awesome sportsmanship.  Don't think I've ever laughed so much in a game.  Thank you, Scott.

40k6 pg 35 Fearless.

Units containing one ore more models with the Fearless special rule automatically pass Pinning, Fear and Regroup tests and Morale Checks, but cannot Go to Ground and cannot choose to fail a Morale Check due to the Our Weapons are Useless rule (see page 26).


At our Chili's post mort tournament beer and food Connor informed me that he cheated by going to ground.  Asked him what he meant.  He said that when my Night Scythe shot at his Hive Guard and they went to ground for a better save was cheating.  They couldn't go to ground because they are Fearless.

slainte mhath


  1. Hi

    Nice blog. I'm a newbie to 40K but p25 of the newbie/DV mini rulebook says:

    "A Wound must be allocated to an enemy model in base contact with a model attacking at that Initiative step."

    and then goes on to say beneath the UMvOrcs pic at the bottom:

    "Wounds must first be allocated amongst the Orcs in base contact..."

    It also says further up that "Wounds are allocated and resolved starting with the closest model.." which seems pretty explicit to me; the opposing player must allocate wounds amongst B2B models first, and can only allocate further afield when the nearest ones have been killed off.

    If you could allocate wounds to models beyond those in B2B, surely that would diminish the element of strategy regarding the placement of models in assault.

    But I'm happy to be wrong...


    1. Welcome to the Game, G. You have a clear understanding of the rules. Quite impressive. We are saying the same thing just using different words. You can't allocate to models beyond those in B2B. It has to be allocated to models in B2B. Just not the first model that was in B2B, which what I was trying to communicate. I didn't communicate it very clearly, that was my fault.

      Exactly as the SM and Ork pic shows. If there are 6 Orks in B2B they are the only eligible ones to take wounds.

      I was under the impression that the first model in B2B had to take the wound. Not any of those that were in B2B could take it. Effectively like shooting. The closest model takes the wound.

      Keep up the good work, G. You'll be amongst veterans in no time. Enjoy the hobby and feel free to email me any works in progress of models. New eyes have the best insight.


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