Friday, September 7, 2012

Canoptek Wraiths part 4

Damn this detail in basecoating is kind of a pain.  Thank goodness I was able to get all six basecoated.  Seemed to go quicker as soon I figured out a system for painting all those little parts.  I'm glad I only half the of the little parts to paint.  Plan to keep it that way for the next part.  We all know what happens when plan encounters action.

These girls are looking beautiful.

They are looking pretty good.  Saturday.  I'm going to put a majour dent in these guys on Saturday.  Sunday will help, but Sat is when it's happening.  Perhaps I'll find a way to celebrate the majour work I'll do with these guys.

Going to change the Necron glow with these guys.  Instead of mixing the middle colour going to use Snot or Goblin Green.  Drybrushing the glow on these will be a little difficult because of the symbols on their back are thin not wide like spyders..  I'll figure it out and tell you know how it went.

Til then enjoy your evening, hopefully involving 40k.  I have business with Shawn tonight during my VtM game.  Will have to put the game on pause.  He wants his Eldar.  He says he'll pick me up some more models.  Tonights going to be a great night.  I believe Shawn and Bryan are going to do a straight trade.  Bryan's Khorne Chaos Daemons army for Shawn's Necrons minus Monoliths.

slainte mhath

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