Thursday, September 6, 2012

H2Lat40K reached 10,000 hits!

How to Lose at 40k reached 10,000 page views.  Thank you!  Obviously blogspot and revolver maps tracks hits differently.  Not quite sure what is up with that.  I'm with blogspot hits.

A shout of out to those of you who viewed my blog allowing to get 10k hits since May 2012.  Joe, Lane, Bryan, Ryan, Natfka, Shakopee MN, Mankato MN, Vallejo Ca, Norfolk NE, Altanta GA, all you UK'ers & Germany bone rollers, FNG, Immortals Amongst Us, the random person wondering what that pic is, everyone who has googl'ed "How to Lose at 40k" or "Temet Nosce," Spyrle, Samuel, Vargna, Stoner, JayDee, Ron (I hope your house gets back to how it was sooner than later), Tallarn for showing me there is another person who views this game the same way I do, all of my followers (you get a special thank you because you clicked that button), Tasha and Anons who provided entries for Lexicon, yes that includes you Suijin /cough Joe /cough (that's your badge name for next year), those of you who are actually interested in my "quick blog thought" and for anyone whom I may have missed, haven't forgotten you, Julian.  Let's not forget Shawn the guy who wanted me to paint his Eldar which launched this blog to the forefront of many searches.  Thank you, Shawn.

I deeply appreciate your views and attention to my blog.

[edited content because the tone was conflicting with the intent of the blog]

slainte mhath

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