Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canoptek Spyders part 4 [Update]

Finally was able to finish these sexy girls.  Was surprised how quickly it went.  Thought it take two sittings to finish them.  Turned out the detail part of painting was the easiest.

Boltgun Metal drybrush highlight on edges of metal.

Was a little worried about drybrushing the metallic shine on the spyders.  Usually I'm a very heavy drybrusher.  Meaning a lot of paint ends up on the surface.  Normally this isn't a problem for the effect I'm going for but didn't want to line highlight the spyders because that would take forever.  Decided to challenge myself and heavy hand to go with a lighter touch.  Damn did it work and pay off!  I now have a new technique for painting.

Chainmail light drybrush inside Boltgun Metal to give it that extra shine.

Boltgun Metal before adding that second layer of shine.

Chainmail light drybrush inside Boltgun Metal.

Everyone has the double metal shine I was looking for.  Boltgun took a bit of time.  Chainmail was easier because there wasn't as much surface to hit.

Time for the energy glow.  There has been a lot of prep for the energy glow.  Which I thought would take a long time.  Turned out it was a breeze.


After.  Scorpion Green drybrush around energy parts of spyder.

As it turns out the energy glow won't look right to me til the third spyder when I actually follow the instructions.


After.  Scorpion Green around runes on carapace.  It doesn't sit right with me.  Just looks off.


After.  This looks better but still not right.

After looking at them side by side it dawns on me!  Pull out the printed papers and start reviewing.  It should be noted this isn't my idea.  Was inspired by Zali and his post of glowing Necrons.  So I stole it from him.  I asked him if I could put a link to his post on this post but no answer.  Unfortunately you'll have to find it if your interested in seeing his work.

Left carapace is Scorpion Green around runes.  Right is Scorpion Green around and inside runes.

As Zali says "dryrbush colour over other colours to make it blend."  Blend, that's a word I used for Orikan recently.

Going back to the first and second spyder and comparing the glowing energy core and damn.  It looks much better.

Close up of last spyder carapace.

With the revelation of blending the greens together I went back and covered the first and second spyder.  It also dawns on me that is what I'm missing with Orikan.  He just didn't "look" done.  Will use the same tech on him and see if if he "looks" finished.  You'll catch it in the next post.

Girls are looking damn sexy.

Close up of energy glow and head.

Scorpion Green for eyes.

They are done.  Well not completely.  Enough though.  Will update with a pic later.  Complete forgot the Burnished Gold on the "I" on the top of the legs.  Again I'm convinced they are secret agents for the Imperium.

Here are some pics of my favourite Canoptek Sypder.  He's my favourite because all of his legs move.  Plus I like how he's aiming right.

Another view of the completed spyders.  Will update with Burnished Gold on legs.

Finally it will feel so good to have these completely painted when using them on the battlefield.

Critique away.

Update of two pics of missed Burnished Gold on "I's"

Close up of I on legs.

slainte mhath

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