Thursday, September 27, 2012

Night Scythes part 2 - Necron Glow part 1

1500 DV Tournament is three days away.  Only have 6 more hours to get these to models done.  Shouldn't be a problem.  At least I hope so.  /crosses fingers

It should be noted Zali from warhammer with Zali, link to blog is in Immortals amongst us on right, inspired me to do Necron glow on my new Necrons.  Perhaps I should have a contract placed on him because his great idea has taken so much of my time.  All jokes aside.  Thanks, Zali, for your Necron Glow post.  It's a lot of work.  I feel worth it.

These guys are easy to paint.  I attribute it to the size of the Night Scythe.  The runes are larger.  Some have great surface area.  Plus there is only two to lay down such detail on.  If I was doing my Doom Scythes along with both sides of hull there would be a problem.  That is for another time.

First part of green glow done.  Snot Green on runes.

Missed a pic.  Meant to show the amount of Snot Green and Scorpion Green before mixing.  Ratio 1:1.

Close up of thin line of second layer of green for glow.

1:1 mix is painted over the Snot Green.  Careful to not go all the way to the edge.  Thanks, Zali.

Wing done with middle part of glow.

Looking great so far.  Damn, have to keep on task.  Would've started drybrushing tonight.  Tomorrow it is.

While putting away paints it occurred to me that I could do the Invasion Beamers lens.  Snot Green for base.

Thin lines of 1:1 Snot Green and Scorpion Green.

Should be able to get these guys tomorrow night as long as I keep focused and not take a "little break" by laying down on the bed.  Didn't have an idea what I wanted to do with Invasion Beamer until now.  I think it will turn out good.

How to Paint Night Scythes

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