Monday, September 24, 2012

Canoptek Wraiths part 8

I am getting really tired of the detail these wraiths are requiring.

Second layer of green.  1:1 Snot Green and Scorpion Green

The source of my annoyance is probably due to a couple of things.  Frustration with the walls they are phasing through.  I still have no idea what to paint them other than some mix of grey and brown.  Another attributing factor is the tournament on Sat 29th Sept that I will be using my Necrons.  Wraiths are taking much longer than expected and have only based my Night Scythes.  I only have four nights to work on my Necrons before the tournament.  Game Friday night so can't put anytime in them then.  Considering cashing a vacation day so I can paint for those 9 hrs instead of working.  hmm.  Will have to kick that around.  Guess the pressure of possibly using not completely painted models at the tournament is really affecting me.

Second layer.  Three on right green are much brighter.  Difference is I left the 1:1 mixture in a wet pallet over night.

Third layer.  Skull White with a dab of Scorpion Green.  This is painted inside the highlight of the 1:1 layer.

Back view.  Looking like the spyders.  Things are going well here.

Close up of back

doh!  Completely forgot metal highlight, boltgun on edges.  Already started green glow.  This is where my frusteration begins to set in.

First highlight Chainmail inside Boltgun Metal.  Give it that metal shine or worn looking depending on the viewer.

Scorpion Green drybrushed to simulate glow around energy parts of the wraiths.

Back view

Back view.  Looking pretty good so far.

Last night was so frusterated from the detail I'm pouring into these wraiths that I reacted in less than a constructive way.  Really should've stepped away from the table and relaxed instead of pushed on.  Drybrushing was getting sloppy.  So much so I started line highlighting on the last leg of the last wraith.  Put the Scorpion Green drybrushing glow on a third and called it after that.  I should be able to finish these guys tonight.  Even basing.  Then to figure out the walls.

Only have about 19 hours maximum to finish these and two Night Scythes.  Damn hope I can do it.

I can only hope someone loves the detail of these wraiths so much they offer me 100$ for them.  The detail I'm putting into these have been very taxing.  They better wow people who see them.

slainte mhath

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