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12.9.29 1500 pts Dark Vengeance Tournament

Fantasy Flight held their first 6th ed tournament today.  Woke up at the God awful hour of 8:35am.  As a rule I never wake up earlier than noon on the weekends.  Those are my days off.  I wake up for a 8am job every week day.  I'll do what I want on the weekends.  Actually I usually sleep til about 1:30pm.  Be prepared for a long BatRep and blurry pics.  Enough with the fluff onto business.

Made myself some crib notes for the game.  Preferred Enemy note actually did help.  Rest remembered them as soon as I wrote them on the hand.

Wore my Fill to Here with MN Beer t-shirt and Utilikilt today.

1500 pts Necron list.

Orikan - my Warlord
Destroyer Lord with Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs
3x 5 Necron Warriors
2 Night Scythes
C'Tan with Writhing Worldscape and Stealth
2x 6 Canoptek Wraiths with Whip Coils

This comes in at a perfect 1500 pts.

Checked in.  BS'd with two buddies til they called tables and players.  Had 14 players.

First Game.

Connor was my first opponent.  Been to two tournaments and he's been the first every time.  Might end up playing him first every tournament.  He ran Tyranids.

Flyrant with Lash Whip and Bone Sword Connor finally remembered about
2 Tervigon (which I learned too late is a scoring unit)
2x 10 Termaguants
3 Hive Guard
2 Hive Guard
2 Trygons

Connor won roll and decided to deploy and go second.

Necrons Deployment

Top of first.  Wraiths launch themselves foward.  Have a new tactic for them now.  C'tan moves up a little.  Have to learn to run with him.

Bottom of first.  About 8 Termagaunt die because or Orikan and C'tan.  Moved too far forward.  Something to learn for next time.  Tervigon spawns 8 Termagaunts and burns out on double 2.  Some Wraiths are removed.  Destroyer Lord goes down and didn't come back up.

Close up of H2H top of second.  Second Wraiths come in and help out.  This H2H, hand-to-hand, will remain this way til the end of the game.

Top of second.  Night Scythes come on thanks to Orikan's Lord of Time ability.  Wounds are exchanged.  First Blood VP thanks to Wraiths.  Wraiths are being whittled down.  Flyrant is also being whittled down.  A Hive Guard goes down.

Bottom of second.  Other Tervigon spawns 9 Termagaunts and burns out again with double 2.

Top of third.  All Tyranid scoring "units" are removed from the board.  I still have three at full strength.  Wraith Whip Coils help them out so much.  More wounds for Flyrant.

Bottom of third.  Flyrants gone.  Slay the Warlord VP.  2-0 right now.  When Tyranids have monstrous creatures with a lot of wounds they have monstrous creatures with a lot of wounds.  Trygons like Tervigons have a lot of wounds.  Thank you, Rending attacks.

Top of fourth for some reason I'm moving up Orikan.  I quickly realise what I'm doing and pull him back.

Top of fourth on going reserves Night Scythes return.  Flyers are a little difficult to get down.

Bottom of fourth.  Last Tervigon moves forward and Connor says Objective point is on his head.  I shrug and don't ask anything.  Other side my head, logical side, said "Hey you want to look into that" my id said "No, I have this covered."  Enough glancing shots takes away enough hull points to wreck one Night Scythe.

Fifth turn.  There's a good push of remaining wraiths into the Tyranid line.  We are quickly removing others models off the board.  Roll a 2 and game ends.  Connor then reveals his Tervigon is a troop.  What?!  I pull out my codex and start flipping through.  yeppers. 2-3 VP.  Connor wins and I lose.

After first game had a hour break.  Grabbed some fud at Potbelly Sandwiches.  They make the best Tuna Salad I've ever tasted.  Damn you, Bryan, for introducing me to that place!

All three of us, Bryan, Shawn and myself, lost our first game.  Bryan said during break that one us is going to play the other.  Turns out he was right.  Second Game against my buddy Bryan.

His army list.

I won roll and decided to deploy and go second.

Chaos Space Marine Nurgle deployment.

Necrons Deployment

Top of first.  One Rhino is immobilised because of Orikan and C'tan wonder powers uniting.

Bottom of first.  Moving towards cover because of havoc squad and quad gun.  Oh, by the way, Bryan do you know Quad Gun is twin-linked?

Top of second.  One Daemon prince takes to flight I forget that and move wraiths to attack it.  If I would've remembered to move them towards the end of the landing platform.

Bottom of second.  Orikan's Lord of Time isn't that helpeful.  One Flyer comes in and set it up perfectly to get 4+ cover save from Quad Gun and Havoc squad.  Destroyer Lord challenges Aspiring Champion.  Bryan accepts.  Completely forget to shoot with five warriors before assaulting with Destoyer Lord and Wraiths.

Top of third.  Wounds are being dealt out via Battle Cannon and Plasma.  Plague Bearers lose a Plasma due to Gets Hot.  Plague Marines jump in Rhino and bolt out of the area.

Bottom of third.  Night Scythe leaves combat air space.  Second one comes on.  We get the "Wrap it up warning."  I get the bright idea of attacking Rhino's for VP's.  works out in my favour really well.  Why focus attacks on a large squad when you can use a lot of attacks on one vehicle.  Especially if the C'tan is going to attack one.  Really have to run with him.

Bryan and I were at bottom of fourth when TO, Tournament Organizer, called 15 min warning.  A message not to start next turn.  At this point Bryan and I start talking about victory points.  Bryan is a bit spent.  Its annihilation.  Counting up units he has taken out three.  I have removed four.  I offer him a tie.  He takes it.  He really wasn't in the mood to count up victory points.

Third game.

Ok.  I'm done.  Two Battles I forget MSS, Mindshackle Scarabs.  Only remembered once on Aspiring Champion before Destroyer Lord takes him out with Warscythe.

Scott's army list.

Scott wins roll and decides to deploy and go second.  Neon green pieces of plastic are objectives.

My Necrons deployment.

His Necrons Deployment.

I knew there was a large squad of immortals directly across the field.  I'm going to get shot up either in turn one of two.  I say out loud "Go Big of Go Home."  Moving those wraiths right at them.  Little do I know Scott has a great trick up his sleeve.

Close up of bottom of first.  Wraiths assault wraiths.  MSS fails leadership and deals out a little bit of pain.  Loses three guys to Orikan and C'tan wonder powers.

Bottom of first.  Immortals with Overlord, Nemesor and two Crypteks only remove 2 wraiths.  Terribly surprised.

Top of second.  Night Scythes come on thanks to Orikan.  Big bad squad of Immortals and stuff take out last wraith that made it that far.

Bottom of second.  His Night Scythes come on.  There is a tremendous amount of punishing fire power going into Orikan and warriors.  C'tan also gets some attention.

Top of third.  Heard a lot of great stories and information about his tactics our game is running a little long.  More punishing firepower into Orikan.

Bottom of third.  Orikan's gone.  Never happened to me before.  Scott received both first blood and slay warlord.  Spoke with him that he has won the game.  That could dump troops and start denying units of objectives.  however there is one I wouldn't be to do anything about it.  We shake hands and give it a go.  Absolute horrible idea.  Definitely charging next time.  On going reserve flyers can't come in and take out my warriors. 5-1 at least received line breaker.

Results of tournament.
Tyranids beat Necrons because Tervigon 3-2
Chaos Space Marines tie with Necrons.
Necrons beat Necrons 5-1

Overall 0-2-1

Something I saw during the third game.  Which I also noticed at my first Tournament was the number of empty tables early in the game.  At this point there was only three games that were still playing.  Mine and Scott's, Shawn and Bryan's and two other people.  Everyone else was BS'ing or gone.

Connor's idea is because there are so poor match up's that people concede or the battles over quickly.  Elaborating on that further he thinks those lists are are built one way playing against lists that are also built one way.  This of course makes me think about my list.

slainte mhath

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