Friday, September 7, 2012

Harlistar 2+ cover save outside of terrain

Looking through the new FAQ's is making very happy with some things, not with others.  I'm astounded with Harlequins.

Great album.  Give it a listen.

I have a lot of Harleqiuns from 2nd ed.  Picked up two boxes of the new models when they were released a couple of years ago.  Also picked up the new special Harlequins.  They are Way down on the "to paint list."

I may be slow on the ball here.  Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

Here is some information from the book before landing my point.

40k6 mini-rule book (its always in my work bag, unless I'm throwing bones) pg 18 Cover Chart:

Forest and area terrain 5+
Ruins, ruined fortification and trenches 4+


40k6 mini-rule book pg 18 Intervening Models:

If a target is partially hiddin from the firer's view by models from a third unit it receives a 5+ cover save. [sic]


40k6 mini-rule book pg 41 Shrouded:

A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule counts as cover save as being 2 points better than normal.  Note this means a model with the Shrouded special rule always has a cover save of at least 5+, even if it's in the open.


40k6 mini-rule book pg 42 Stealth:

A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule counts its cover saves as being 1 point better than normal.

Cover save bonuses from the Shrouded and Stealth special rules are cumulative (to a maximum of 2+ cover save)


Games Workshop Errata:

Eldar Codex 4th Ed pg 49 -- Shadowseer, Veil of Tears

Replace the entire entry with "The Shadowseer and her unit have the Stealth and Shrouded special rules."


All of that covered.  This is probably the reason why Harlistar lists are being googled so often.

Intervening models gives 5+, Shrouded 3+ (2+ because of Shrouded) Stealth 2+ (1+) because of Stealth.  Total of 2+ cover for Harlequins out in the open not moving through terrain.

You have a squad of 10 Harlequins with a Shadowseer.  You place some Grey Knight Purifiers or Strike Squad infront of them.  Or perhaps a Dark Eldar Venom loaded with Trueborn weilding 4 Blasters.  When the Harlequins are shot at they get a 2+ cover save out in the open with models infront of them.

Say you have Vect with some Haemonculi and a squad of Grotesques leading the charge.  Among his squad is a Pheonix Lord, say Jain-Zar.  What I will be running.

Somewhere in that mess around Vect & Pheonix Lord there are two 10 squad of Harlequins each with a Shadowseer you have Eldrad joining the second squad of 10 clowns.  Eldrad casts Fortune on both Vect's squad and other Harlequin squad.  Imagine re-rolling 2+ cover saves.  You keep the second 10 squad of Harlequins, Eldrad's, behind the first squad.  Bearing down on the enemy is a line ofs Death via H2H, hand-to-hand.  Nevermind whatever you dumped your points into for Fast Attack, Heavy Support.

Typing this up makes me want to paint up those Harlequins and use this tactic.  Could proxy a couple of things.  There is a 1500 pt 6th ed tournament at the end of the month.  Perhaps if I just paint my new Shadowseer, I have the original, I can use this list then.  hmm, really bent on my Necron list.  Of course I'd have to drop the Pheonix Lord.  Or have Dark Eldar as attachment and still able to keep Jain-Zar.

What would it be?

Dark Harlistar, Dark because Dark Eldar are Main.

Vect, two 10 Harlequin squads each with Shadowseer, two 10 Kabalite Squad.
Eldrad, 20 Guardians.


Eldrad, Jain-Zar, two 10 Harlequin squads each with Shadowseer, 20 Guardians, 5 Dire Avengers.
Vect, Wyches.

Then find out how many points I have for a Razorwing or Ravagers.  Perhaps just H2H all the way and throw in a Wraithlord and a Talos Pain Engine.  Too bad I don't have those codexes with me, work bag you've disappointed me for the last time, otherwise I'd throw this list together.  Perhaps I remember I'll put something up tonight.

slainte mhath

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