Thursday, August 30, 2012

Orikan the Diviner, my Necron Warlord part 1

Done with Eldar.  Shawn has some more for me to paint.  Fortunately he hasn't handed them to me yet so I can work on putting together models for my current Necron list.  Picked up Orikan a couple of weeks and he's been screaming for attention.  Finally giving him some.  Didn't give him as much attention as he deserved tonight.  Should be able to remedy that tomorrow.  Will be done with him by Sat.

I do appreciate the failcast errr, cancercast err, Finecast sprues they give you.  Kidding aside Finecast is a great material to work with.  Like many people I'm not a fan of change.  People are up in arms regarding their crapbook profile going to the timeline.  While I love the weight of metal.  It can be difficult to work with.  Finecast though is great to work with.  It's almost like it wants to help you out.  GW great job with Finecast!

Cut out of sprue and ready to be cleaned up.  Imotekh is overseeing the assembly of Orikan.

Close up of the Staff of Tomorrow.  They nerfed it a bit with the 6th ed Necron FAQ C'est la vie.  It needs some love to look good though.

His shaft bends to the left.  This is remedied by putting it under hot water out of the faucet.  You'd be surprised how easily it works.  You'll see here in a second.

Little bit straighter.

Mucho better'o.  That's Spanish trust me. /wink

Ok.  I have one issue with Finecast.  The amount of time it takes to clean up the parts.  It took about 70 mins to find all the extra flash and remove them.  Nevermind two I forgot and found after priming the model.  Metal it didn't nearly as long.  Then again we are just over a year of Finecast being used.  They still have a lot of mold issues to overcome.

Orikan has a Transdimensional Beamer, which I love.  My favourite shooting weapon in the army.  With Snap Shot and Overwatch perhaps he will finally shoot it.  Only shot it once in 5th ed, to no success mind you.  Of course that shouldn't surprise anyone.

Cut the Transdimensional Beamer from the Canoptek Wraith box.  Put a pin in the shoulder and glued beamer to the pin when holding head in place.  Again SpaceX hasn't resolved that two-objects-cannot-occupy-the-same-space-at-the-same-time issue.  Seriously, SpaceX get on the ball.  I have things that need to be done.  Your laziness is getting in my way.  Get back to me.

Been trying to figure out what to do with the divot where its held by the Wraith.  Think I figured it out.  Use a part from the Canoptek Spyders to fill that spot.

Primed Skull White Citadel Spray.  Bought it over ten years ago.

Transdimensional Beamer based Tin Bitz.  Then saw a place where energy would glow from like my Spyders and based that Dark Angels Green.  Will mostly end up regretting that as the double Badab Black wash will mess with the green.  Then will have to repaint it.  Won't be an issue.

Completely based Tin Bitz.  Joint parts of Orikan are watered down Adeptus Battlegrey.  He's going to be painted white and red like the C'tan that his Temporal Snares assists with its Writhing Worldscape.  Plus I have a huge hard on for Golden Boys to be painted white.  Golden Boy is the one model I always use in an army.  Again FAAC, Fashion at all Costs.  Vect is my Golden Boy for Dark Eldar.  He will always be in every list.  Oolonora is my Farseer Golden Boy in my Eldar army.  They wear lighter colours in a way to showing up the enemy.  Sticking out like a sore thumb daring the enemy to shoot them first.

Just like Vect I plan to use my wet pallet for all paints, except metallics, on Orikan.  Give it a soft thinned paint look.  Space Wolves Grey is the basecoat.  Will layer it so it looks white.  To match his C'tan movement impeding buddy.  Boltgun Metal, not watered down, for spine and shoulders.

Really wanted to put more time into him.  Damn it!  Will have to correct that in the future.

slainte mhath

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