Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now for something embarrasing

Yes, my arrogance had the better of me.  I was going to win.  It was going to be great.  Was going to show the masses my brilliance, my genius, the true strength of my Necron army.  After my grandeur display no one was giving me applause.  In fact several were looking at me expecting me to know what they already figured out.

The pic is a dramatization of real events

This happened during the 3k game last Fri.  Damn foolish.

Context: Second to last turn of the game Shawn wants his Wraithlord to assault my 25 base strong Scarab unit.  He asks if its ok if he moves the Wraithlord into B2B, base-to-base, with Scarabs.  I say "Yes.  Please do it!"  He asks if I'm sure.  I say I am.  He moves Wraithlord into H2H, hand-to-hand.  Bryan says roll just for fun.  Shawn rolls and would not have assaulted the Scarabs.

It should be noted the entire time Shawn was sitting down comfortably as if he knew something I didn't.

Ok.  Most, 99%, of you are laughing at me (and you should be).  Wondering why I would let such a thing happen.  I won't blame the late night, alcohol or any number of factors.  I will blame my hubris.  My stalwart belief that my Scarab army is nigh invincible.  I've seen my Scarabs tear apart Skarbrand, Daemon Princes, vehicle squadrons and H2H kill squads.  My Scarabs have done well.  They truly deserve their own place on my shelf of retired/hall of fame models.  (I really do have a shelf of retired/hall of fame models)  They have torn scoring units from objectives.  They have put fear into the Chaos Daemon armies that had three Daemon Princes.  My Scarabs are something I hold dearly to my own heart.

Masturbation aside, getting to point.  For those who have not figured it out like I didn't.  I'll expound.

While Shawn is sitting comfortably I proceed to grab my dice to see if I hit.  I roll about 120 dice and hit with about 50 of them.  I ask what the Wraithlords Toughness is.  That is when Shawn and Bryan tell me what's up.  Shawn says I should know this.

Scarabs Strength 3.  Wraithlord Toughness 8.  Entropic Strike = crap!

Yeah.  My Scarabs aren't all that.  Yes, I'm still extremely pissed off!

slainte mahth


  1. Ouch, I used to tie up big squads like that all the time back in 4th edition.

  2. Hey you have even done it to me with your necron lord or whatever, back in 5th before new codex.


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