Friday, October 26, 2012

Necrons Crypteks part 1

First of all.  Thank you, Suijin and Shawn.  Pay respect where it is due.

Should need one more of these for the "next" part of my Necron army.  That is the part after the "flyer" part of my Necron army.  I'm beginning to believe that was a waste of 140$.

Left staff is from Illuminor Szeras given to me from my friend Lane.  Turns out I would be able to use quickly.  Thank you, Lane.

Finally F'cast is all cleaned up.  Metal never took this long to clean up.  Finecast is superiour to metal because its more giving, assists with conversions and easier to cut.  Cleaning up and warped parts stink q.v. staff lower left.

One Cryptek put together.  /cheer.  This is my Chronometron Cryptek.  Thinking I'll cut some joints out of the extra spyder arms to simulate a Chronometron from the eye in his hand.  Don't know what a Chronometron looks like.

Two of four put together.  As Suijin says "Eye in hand."  I really do like that about the model.  Every Cryptek will have an eye in the hand.  Thought about having the Chronometron Cryptek without an eye in the hand but said F it.

Three of four.  These are becoming quicker to put together.

Four of four.  Only one more then I'll be done.

Little tip I picked up from Orikan is basing the model before undercoating the model with spray paint.  Don't have to worry about gluing, black paint getting on the model where you don't want it, will still worry about Amethyst Purple.

Undercoated Jon Kovalic's Armoury Black Primer.

slainte mhath

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