Wednesday, October 31, 2012

12.10.30 1500 Necrons vs Eldar

Damn fun game.  Learned a lot.  Shawn gave me a quite an ass-whooping.  Been on a winning streak.  Time for a big loss.

Orikan gets some Eldar love.

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight.  Decided to do a lower point game in hopes of actually finishing one.  We haven't finished a game in awhile.  Shawn's dice were against him.  My dice were normal.  Maybe a bit on the low side.  Shawn out-played me.  Even with his dice against him he out-played me.  He brought a better game than I.  He had a plan.  Stuck to that plan and did a great handing me my ass.

Quite surprised I've had five games this month.  Certainly didn't feel like it.  Ebay Deathwing Land Raider must have demanded a lot of attention.

Wore my VNV Nation Faith Power Glory workshirt.

Deployment: Vanguard.  Mission: Relic, capture the flag.

Our theatre Tues evening.

Shawn won roll and decided to deploy and go first.

Eldar deployment.

Necron deployment.

Top of first.  Eldar do some great shooting at right Wraith squad and remove two models.  Eldar Rangers ontop of left building shoot at C'tan it takes two wounds.

Bottom of first.  Should've had Orikan with Warriors closer so they can get into building faster.  Moved up Destroyer Lord with Wraiths to flag.  Don't bother charging.  Going to wait for the Eldar to come to me.  That was one of many problems.  Should've pulled the used the Tryanids tactics against Eldar.  Next game.  Throw models in blocking line of sight terrain and wait.  This wasn't the huge failure of the night.

Close up of top of second H2H, hand-to-hand.

Top of second.  Avatar and family charge Lord and Wraiths.  Avatar challenges Lord and I accept.  Mindshackle and Avatar, Eldrad saves.  No wounds to Avatar.  More shooting at Wraiths.  That squad is down to two models.  Waste of 260 pts so far.

Bottom of second.  Orikan's Lord of Time ability brings in both Night Scythes.  Some shooting occurs.  Not much though.  Failed to assault Eldar Rangers.  Lord is killed by Avatar, Ever-living comes into effect.  Orikan and Warriors get into building.

Top of third.  Finally Lord stays down.  Brightlance at building and nothing.  War Walkers removes last two Wraiths.  Next time have to focus Scythe shooting at War Walkers.  First Blood 1VP to Eldar.  This is where I learned my problem with moving them so far to the right.  Should've kept them in the middle so there would be two squads of Wraiths assaulting Avatar and family.

Bottom of third.  C'tan does no wounds against Rangers.  Scythe pop Wave Serpent other rails into Dire Avengers.  It's not looking good for Wraiths in combat with Avatar and family.  Doom and Fortune are going.  Have to find a way to nullify that in the future.  Doh!  Forgot deny the wtch roll!  grrrrrrr

Close up of top of fourth H2H.

Close up of Wraithlord assaulting building.

Top of fourth.  War Walkers remove one hull point from one Night Scythe.  Jetbikes grab flag.

About this time I accept the writing on the wall.  I tell Dave, bigwig at Fantasy Flight, "Dave it's not fair.  He's winning tell him to stop."  Dave appropriately responds "Yeah.  I've never found it fair when I'm losing either."

Bottom of fourth.  One Night Scythe goes into ongoing reserves.  Other Night Scythe shoots into War Walker squad and removes every model.

Top of fifth.  Avatar and family has eaten through Wraiths.  They head to Orikan.  Wraithlord tears down building after reducing its armour by 4 points.  C'tan finally removes the Rangers.  Great use of points there.

Bottom of fifth.  C'tan is trying to get over to the Dire Avengers they will get the flag from the Jetbikes.  Something  happens that I always wanted since reading Transdimensional Beamer.  Orikan shoots at Wraithlord.  Wraithlord rolls a 6.  Poof!  Night Scythes just can't seem to do much against Jetbikes or Dire Avengers.  Dire Avengers make every save but one.

Roll the die for turn six.  4, onto turn six.  This is going to get uglier.

Close up of top of sixth H2H.

Top of sixth.  Shawn asks if I just want to remove Orikan.  I say "Hell no!  I want you to earn me taking him off the field."  After a couple of misses he goes down.  Eldar Slay the Warlord 2VP.  Completely forgot Ever-living.

Bottom of sixth.  Perhaps my Warriors would've done better being on the ground than in the Scythes all game.  More shooting and finally down to one Jetbike.

Roll a die for seven.  2 we're done.  Jetbikes were able to bring the flag back to their deployment zone.

Loss 0-5 Eldar.

Last two boxes of Grey Knights from Shawn for painting his Eldar.

Should've played a tighter game.  Need to remember Deny the Witch in the future.  Also Ever-Living so close to the game.  Gave up that VP too easy.  Use Tyranids technique.  Kept the Wraiths out of sight from Scatter Lasers.  I don't think they Walkers much.  The little they do does rack up given enough turns.  Should've keep the Wraiths in the middle to assault Avatar coming right at Relic.   Focused Night Scythes fire on War Walker.  Only removed two Eldar units.  Rangers and Wave Serpent.  Shawn did great out-playing me.  Afraid what would've happened if his dice were on his side.

As Shawn was driving away he said "Thanks for letting me win."

slainte mhath

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