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6th ed Rules of the Game: Tyranid Cheese, Monstrous Creature and Vector Strike

Ok this is unfair.  Plain unfair.

Tyranid Cheese.  Guess how many Tyranids took a wound in this turn?

Tyranid Cheese or as I call it "F JJ's wonder twins trick!"

40k6 pg 40 Move Through Cover

A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule rolls an extra D6 when rolling to move through difficult terrain.  In most circumstances, this will mean that the unit rolls 3D6 and picks the highest roll.  Furthermore, a model with the Move Through Cover special rule automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests.  The Move Through Cover special rule has no effect on charge range rolls or Impact Tests (see page 95).

40k6 pg 48 Monstrous Creature, Special Rules

Monstrous Creatures have the Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless and Smash special rules.

Context/Rant: Tyranids first turn.  Let's go through Matt's army and see what the wonder twins, Orikan and C'tan Writhing Worldscape would affect.  He has 5x 10 Hormagaunts, 2x Trygon Primes, 2x Jump Hive Tyrants, Raveners, Doom, 3 Shrike Warriors and 4 Shrike Warriors.  Personally I would like to say F Off! to the list.  Can't believe the trick was useless.  I'm going to make a special Spyder/Scarab list just for Tyranids.  I thought I made TAC, take-all-comers, Temporal Snares/Writhing Worldscape list.

Kind of back on topic.  Hormaguant: Move Through Cover, Trygon Prime: Monstrous Creature = Move Through Cover,  Tyrant: Monstrous Creature = Move Through Cover,  Ravener: Move Through Cover and Shrike Warriors.  This is cheese pure and simple.  Matt decides to read his codex and learn that Orikan's Temporal Snares and C'tan's Writhing Worldscape are useless against all these Tyranids.  Frankly that is unfair.  He should've been losing a lot of Hormagaunts.  Not a fan of him learning his codex so he doesn't remove models just because he moves.  I mean come on.  Its my army's trick.  Works against everyone else.

Damn it.   As soon as he dropped that bit of schooling knowledge on my ass all I could think was "I'm F*CK#D!"

All kidding aside.  He did well.  Damn well.  Made me think outside the box I'm use to operating in.  It was a good challenge.  Definitely made me feel some pressure I don't usually experience.  Pushed me outside my comfort zone.  He did great and I felt extremely foolish when he said it and I read it.  Damn good, Matt.

40k6 pg 43 Vector Strike

When Swooping, this model may savage its prey.  At the end of the Movement phase, nominate any one unengaged enemy unit the model has moved over that turn.

Unengaged Models pg 23

Unengaged models cannot attack in close combat -- they're too far from the crush of battle.

Context: I thought Flyrant, Flying Hive Tyrant, could do a Vector Strike over Scarabs who were in H2H, hand-to-hand, with Raveners.  Because Scarabs were engaged with Raveners Flyrant could not Vector Strike them.

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