Thursday, October 4, 2012

12.10.3 1850 Necrons vs Eldar

Had some time to put down some models with Shawn tonight.  Too bad it was cut short.  Guess our chatting got away from us.

Centre of nine Canoptek Wraiths are Eldrad with two Wraithguard.

Met Shawn at Fantasy Flight for a game.  Been a long time since we've had some quality time bs'ing and rolling some bones.

Wore my I Support Single Moms pole dancer t-shirt.

Deployment:  Vanguard.  Mission: Scouring.

Shawn won roll off decided to deploy and go first.

Our canvas for toy soldiers.

Shawn won roll off.  He decided to deploy and go first.  Imotekh seized initiative.  Turned over the six objective markers.  The two objectives in my corner are valued at 3 and 4 VPs.  Shawn's Guardians sit on 1 VP and have a 3VP within 9"  Original plan has changed.  Have to pull my Immortals back to secure my two objectives.  While wraiths and scarabs go first blood and vehicle hunting.

Top of first.  Wraiths foot it across the field.  I'm cautious with them because Avatar with Wraithlord is nearby.  Harlequins are nearby also.  Plan to do a second round assault on those units.  C'tan takes off for Rangers in far building.  Cryptek behind him readies to hit Wave Serpent in background in second turn.  Pull Immortals and Orikan with Immortals back to high point objectives.

Bottom of first.  Harlequin is removed due to Orikan and C'tan wonder twin powers.  No other Eldar casualties.  Wave Serpent doesn't move because of high risk of immobilisation.  Wraithlord and Avatar have a hard time moving through difficult terrain thanks to Temporal Snares.  Some shooting occurs.  C'tan takes a wound from Rangers.  Wraiths take a wound from Vibro cannons.

Top of second close up of H2H.  Wraiths are lucky to make their assault jump move to engage each harlequin.

Top of second.  Night Fight continues.  Generate scarabs, spyder takes a wound.  Continue moving Immortals towards 4 VP objective.  Middle wraiths foot it just a little more.  So tempted to assault Avatar but will have to land in difficult terrain.  Then will attack at same initiative as bloody-handed god.  First Blood wraiths remove harlequins from table.  Wraiths consolidate back to make a straight line ensuring the most about surface area to tangle up charging eldar with whip coils.

Bottom of second.  War Warlkers come onto board edge. Jetbikes also arrive.  Pulls off Doom again.  Worked wonders against wraiths last turn.  Fortune is really going to help him the next turn.  Eldar continue their shooting.  Middle wraiths are reduced to four models.  C'tan is removed from Ranger, War Walker and Dire Avenger shooting.  He always gets put down if he sticks his head too far out.  Should've had him go with wraiths.  Shawn's luck turns against him.  Avatar failed assault roll to reach wraiths.

Top of third close up of H2H.  Wraiths jump over Avatar and Wraithlord to assault Eldrad.  Fortune is a tough cookie to crack.  Six wraiths on side also assault.  One wound to Eldrad's unit, Eldrad's wounded.

Top of third.  Night Fight thanks to Chronometron.  Generate more scarabs.  Spyders are collecting wounds.  Immortals finally land on 4 VP objective.  Scarabs and spyders start moving left.  Slowly so spyders can generate more scarabs before scarabs tear apart wave serpent and war walkers.  They have yet to taste wraithbone.

Bottom of third.  War Walkers maintain a safe distance.  War Walkers remove a spyder.  Now this is war.  You can kill all my wraiths.  Extremely reduce my scarabs.  Take away my C'tan.  Hell I'll even remove Orikan from the board.  If you even lay a finger on my spyders you'll rue the day you were born.  Jokes aside.  This is the first time someone has focused on spyders.  I'm beginning to get worried.  Dire Avengers get aboard Waver Serpent. Shawn unexpectedly assaults wraiths with Wraithlord and Avatar.  Was certain he was going to assault the scarabs.

Top of fourth.  Generate more scarabs.  Every spyder now has a wound.  Readying for the beast pounce.  Utilising cover from both Wave Serpent and War Walkers to get that 3+ cover save.  Scarabs are about 19" away from Wave Serpent and War Walkers.

Unfortunately this is the time Shawn has to call it.  He has boys that need to get to bed.  It's about 10:40pm.  Here's a couple of picks

Shawn dropped off some more Grey Knights.  Only has three more boxes and payment for the painting will be done.  For some reason when I got home I thought 'I'm getting models for painting models.'  Then became terribly excited.  Very weird.

slainte mhath

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