Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 4

Put about 5 hours in today.  Surprising how fast this is going.  No doubt the detail I require will land and slow it down.  Then I'll get worried about the deadline.

All parts except one I missed watered down Boltgun Metal.

Painted for about 5 hours.

Corinthian Leather, Bestial Brown, for the overpowered Space Marines can ride in comfort.

Fixed the part I missed earlier.

Badad Black wash over all metal.

Glued in console.  Chainmail for speakers.  Brassy Brass for skulls.  One light is Flash Gitz Yellow other is Enchanted Blue.

Badab Black over speakers and skulls.  Console has Regal Blue on most screens.  Blood Red for one.  Goblin Green for another.  Ice Blue for circular screen.  Enchanted Blue for hand print authorisation.  Buttons are painted Regal Blue, Blood Red and Goblin Green.

Close of up panel.  Also a perfect visual for why you should thin your paints.  It's better to do two thin coats than one thick coat.  This proves it.  You can see the streaks in the paint.  Obviously I made short cuts here otherwise I would've painted it for a more even finish.  The Bestial Brown is watered down.  Which works great for leather because it naturally creates highlights when drying.

Close up of right side of cabin.

Close up of left side of cabin.

Time to break up the bumble bee.  Pencil lines to know where to place paint.

Dark Angels Green.  Considered what to do for a long time.  Finally decided to do the first thing that came to me.  Will be putting battle damage on this.  That will break it up further.

Double Aquila Brassy Brass.  Lightning bolts Chainmail.  Burnished Gold for frame.  Washed with Badab Black.  All little grooves Badab Black.

This was a mess to put together.  Somehow the edges of the dues ex machina were thicker than the grooves it sat in.  Had to do some angle trimming so it would fit.  Then everything came together like a champ.

This has always given me problems.  The moving arm seems to pop out.  That is why the left side of my Land Raiders aren't glued together.  So when it falls out I can put it back together.  Tried Forgeworlds trick of putting a little super blue on a contact and moved it around so it there would be a little tension.  Seems to work.

How to Paint Deathwing Land Raider

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