Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 2

I'm sure this will go way past part 10.  Expecting at least 20 parts.  Surprised at the amount work accomplished tonight with the little time I had.  Really have to get that under control.

Completed the Deus Ex Machina part.  Quite pleased with it.

Undercoated Citadel White Primer

Painted for about 4 hours.

Basecoat watered down Boltgun Metal.  Just when I thought a ruined paint wouldn't be useful.

Leviathan Purple wash.  Purpose is to give it that blue steel look.

Purity Seals of the Machine God Scab Red.

Parchment Rotten Flesh.

Drybrush Skull White over Rotten Flesh for highlight.

Screen Regal Blue.  Machanicus Symbol Skull White and Abaddon Black.  Didn't cheat this time.  Used my 3/0 Raphael Kolinsky 8404 to paint script on the purity seals.  Was going to use a tech pen but decided against it since I already had the brush and was painting black anyway.

Drybrush Boltgun Metal.  Really makes it pop.

Last highlight Chainmail.  Really appreciate how it adds to the Deus Ex Machina.  Screen cross hairs Skull White.

Leviathan Purple over screen.  Gloss Varnish over wax of purity seals.

Doors time.  Based Citadel White Primer.

Flash Gitz Yellow.

Close up of assault door.  Great thing working with undercoat of white is it takes fewer layers of lighter colours to provide an even coat.  Down side darker colours takes an additional layer.

Abaddon Black for other half of caution stripes.

Another layer of black to even it out.

Watered down Boltgun Metal for assault ramp grid work.

Badab Black wash.  Boltgun Metal wasn't completely dry so it started to mix up.  Like the unintended effect.  That's something I've learned from painting.  Accidents provide most of the work we do.  We learn from them more than mistakes.

Cleaned up and ready for some attention.

Citadel Primer White.

Other side primed white.

How to Paint Deathwing Land Raider

slainte mhath

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