Friday, October 12, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 7

Finally some progress.  What I consider progress.  This weekend should be especially fruitful.  Fighting off the gentle arms of Morpheus with all my might.

Finally ready for the Snakebite Leather, Balor Brown.

Painted for about 4 hours.

First thinned down layer of Snakebite Leather, Balor Brown.

Second thinned layer of Balor Brown.  Looks much better.  Even though it took A Lot of time.

Nice and patchy.  Coming Soon to stores near you!  Sloppily patchy painted Land Raiders.

Ahh, there, much better.

Moral of the story.  Thin your paints.  Yes it takes extra effort and time.  It is worth it.  You won't know the difference until you do it.  Much like cruise control.  Only the driver is aware of the difference.  The rest of the people are wondering 'Are we there yet?'

Whenever I paint with Snakebite Leather, Balor Brown, it looks like I'm painting with poo.

How to Paint Deathwing Land Raider

slainte mhath

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