Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Necron vs Tyranid List (Adapt or Become Obsolete)

Developed a new list against Matt's quickly evolving Tyranids.  Goes against several ways I've come to use Necrons.  That guy is challenging me and I'm not even at the table with him.

From first episode the Borg appeared Q Who.

Since my C'tan would be a hood ornament against Matt's Tyranids in the future decided I'd drive around in a Cadillac with a missing hood ornament.

I've been driven to assault armies recently.  With the couple of big hitters in his army figured I'd change things up.  Primarily long range heavy hitting high Strength low Ap Cryptek weapons.  Should put down those Trygon Primes.

No more Imotekh.  Won't worry about night fight.  Can use the Eldrich Lances the entire time.  Except maybe 1st turn.  Put in my two Night Scythes for some fun.  Not anti-flyrants.  Not to shoot at big squads.  Just for fun.  Didn't know what to spend 240 pts on.  Then when Imotekh was taken off I realized I didn't need the Chronotek.  Which made me happy so I can have 5 Eldrich Lances.  Figure one for each troop squad plus two with Overlord.

Now to see if I want to paint the bottom of the Night Scythes for the next battle.

Necron Overloard w/ Gaunlet of Fire


5x Cryptek w/Eldrich Lances

1x 5 Necron Warriors

2x 5 Immortals with Night Scythe

2x 6 Canoptek Wraiths 4x Whip Coils

1x 10 Canoptek Scarabs

2x 3 Canoptek Spyders

Comes in at an even 1850

slainte mhath

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