Friday, October 26, 2012

6th ed rules of the Game: Wound Allocation, Grounding, Fleet

As a buddy of mine Scott says: Repetition and Redundancy are keys to learning.

40k6 pg 25 Allocating Wounds (in assault)

*A Wound must be allocated to an enemy model in base contact with a model attacking at the Initiative step.  If there is more than one eligible candidate, the player controlling the models being attacked choose which model it is allocated to.  Roll the model's saving throw (if it has one) and remove the casualty (if necessary).

*If there are no enemy models in base contact with a model attacking at that Initiative step, the Wound is allocated to the next closest enemy model.  If several enemy models are the same distance away, then their controlling player chooses which is allocated the Wound, as above.

Context: Raveners assaulted Sscarabs.  Had to allocate 7 wounds.  From the pic above had to remove the two in base contact and assign the next closest the remaining wound.

40k6 pg 49 Grounding.

If a Flying Monstrous Creature that is Swooping suffers one or more hits from a unit's Shooting attack, it must take a Grounding test immediately after that Shooting attack has been resolved.  [sic] If a 1 or 2 is rolled the beast comes crashing down to the ground.

Context: Imotekh Lord of the Storm power continues.  Lucky six, same chance as Skyfire, shows up when it's Flyrant's. Was hit had to make a grounding check.  Two appeared and took a wound landing.

Side note:  That was the first time that happened.  I couldn't have been happier.

40k6 pg 35 Fleet.

A unit composed entirely of models with this special rule can re-roll one or more of the dice when determining Run moves and charge ranges (such as a single D6 from a charge range roll, for example).

Context: Hormagaunts rolled to charge Wraiths.  Matt rolled 6.  He then asked about re-rolling one of the two dice.  I corrected him that it's only with run not charge.  Then looked it up and I was wrong.  Matt was right.  If the model has Fleet it can roll one or both dice when charging.  Have to remember this next time.

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