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12.9.30 1850 Necrons vs Orks

It has been months, not counting tourney, since I last played Connor.  Certainly haven't played him with my present Necrons list.  This should be a fun day.

Ghazghkull is in the centre of that mosh pit.

Met Connor at Fantasy Flight for some Sunday afternoon of rolling some bones.  The place was surprisingly dead.  My guess is because of the tournament the day before several people were tabletopped out.  Except for a few playing board games and one guy painting we had the place to ourselves.

Wore my Convergence No Hope t-shirt satire of Obama's 08' Hope campaign.

Connor brought his Orks.

2 Large squads of boyz with some big shootas.
Nob bikers with warboss
2 proxy Dakka Jets, Stormravens
large set of boyz with Ghazghkull

Deployment: Dawn of War.  Mission: Big Guns Never Tire.

3 Objectives.  Placed my objective in the middle of a piece of terrain on the other side of the Necron gate just off the middle of the board on the Ork side.  Connor placed two objectives deep in his own deployment in area terrain.  This is exactly what I wanted.  It's at this point I was going to set up my army heavy in one corner and move up the side of the board with wraiths, Orikan w/troops and C'tan.  After securing the far right objective they would swing left cutting across the Ork deployment zones taking out everything in their path.  This would cut off the secured objective from Orks.  While Imotekh, spyders and scarabs stay in my deployment zone bidding time to build up scarab army.  That was the plan.  Came up with it before any model was deployed.  You know what they say about plans....

Connor won roll decided to deploy and go first.

Theatre has been set.

Orks unwittingly deploy according to my battle plan.

Necrons deployed

Top of first.  Couple models are removed from Ghazghkull's squad due to Orikan and C'tan wonder twin powers.  All three objectives are secured by Orks.  Nob bikers move up 12 into difficult terrain.

Bottom of first.  Partitioning the army they move according to plan.  Spyders generate scarabs.  Decided I'd use my C'tan instead of having him sit back like normal.  Orikan moves with 5 Necron Warriors.  Some lightning happens.  Ran wraiths and C'tan.  They can't shoot and want close the distance as much as possible for that hammer of wrath attack.

Top of second.  Proxy'd dakka jets arrive.  They should into one 5 Warrior Squad and one remains standing.  Two stand back up.

Bottom of Second close up of H2H.  Ready to assault Orks on primary objective.  Overwatch firing takes a wound from a wraith.  Completely forget hammer of wrath attack.  Grrr!  So many were in B2B too.

Bottom of second.  Generate more scarabs take a wound on a spyder.  Few troops remain on the target objective.  Will clear it next turn and begin step two of the plan.  Cutting left.

Top of third.  Dakka jets take off.  Some shooting from Orks very quick turn.  Target objective is cleared.  VP First Blood.  Orks on centre objective prepare for inbound Necrons.

Bottom of third close up of H2H.  Was worried that I would only be able to get one squad of Wraiths to attack Ghazghkull but nope second squad made it exactly.  Connor says scarabs shouldn't take Ghazghkulls armour away, he's naked.  He didn't paint under the armour yet.  Gave me a good chuckle.

Bottom of third.  Generate more scarabs, squad is 28 strong now.  Another wound for making scarabs.  Now I throw the scarabs infront of the mob.  Move scarabs up 12 and get ready to assault the Orks on centre objective.  Target, far right, objective is secure.  Orks won't spend energy getting to that objective.  Orikan continues to run slowly.  Ghazghkull and friends are removed.  Consolidate scarabs back to be strengthened up after losing a couple of bases.  Consolidate Wraiths almost into a straight line so Nob bikers can get into B2B with as many as possible for Whip Coils to do their magik.

Top of fourth.  Nob bikers go for the wraiths.  Dakka jets return.  Dakka jets gun into scarabs removing every base not in cover along with taking out a few that were in cover.  Bit worried about the scarabs now.  Workhorse of the army is quickly tiring.  Need the scarabs to step up and pull their weight.  C'tan is slowly moving across the field.  He's also running slowly.

Bottom of fourth close up of H2H.  Something with the centre objective makes people go crazy and mosh pits ensue.

Bottom of fourth.  More lightning.

It's about this time Connor says "I need to feed my snake."  Which immediately I took as innuendo and started laughing.  A smirk drew across his face as he asked why I was laughing.  Couldn't stop laughing at the innuendo of him feeding his snake.  Still laughing I ask what he's going to feed his snake.  He smiled and said a mouse.  Which made me bust up even more.  Told him he's killing me and to stop it.  Laughter slowly going away I asked "a mouse?"  Which Connor even chuckled a little bit saying "A small mouse."  Which knocked me off my feet and sat down laughing even louder than before.

Top of fifth close up of H2H.  Scarabs and wraiths strength are waning.  Connor removes every base except one.  Enough to repopulate the board.

Top of fifth.  Connor rolls for Night Fight and its in effect for the rest of the game.  One dakka leaves the board.  Other shoots at 3 warriors.  Thanks to cover they remain alive.  Have another squad as back up if they go down.  This point Connor remembers Big Guns Never Tire and looks at my spyders.

Bottom of fifth close up of fifth H2H.  Third mosh pit for the centre objective.  Also last mosh pit.

Bottom of fifth.  Generate more scarabs.  Some spyders now have two wounds.  Some amazing lightning rolls occur.  Thanks in part to Cryptek with chronometron.  C'tan finally gets some action. 

Connor has me roll a die to see if the game ends.  Result 3.  Turn six here we come.  It's at this point I make one of my standard suggestions for him to move his Ork boyz off the left objective and assist his Nob bikers.  He does so.

Top of sixth.  Dakka jet shoots at Imotekh he takes a wound.  Last wraith is removed.  Last of the Nob bikers are taken out.  VP for Slay the Warlord.  Warboss was Connor's Warlord.  Consolidate towards last Ork squad.

Bottom of sixth.  Spyders move onto centre objective.  Never even considered it as a goal.  C'tan and scarabs move towards the boyz on right objective.

Connor has me roll for turn seven.  Result 4 game goes for one last turn.  Scarabs and C'tan are able to get into H2H.  Overwatch removes a base and wounds another.  Boyz take out another two bases.  Wounds are dealt out.  Boyz are pulled off objective due to pile-in after assault.  VP for Linebreaker at end of game.

Orks pulled away from objective to pile in after assault.

Big Guns Never Tire.  Two Canoptek Spyder squads sitting on center objective.

Three Necron Warriors sit on target objective.  Orikan with five Necron Warriors back up.

The plan worked perfectly.  Almost without a hitch.  The only unexpected thing was the Nob Bikers not rushing into my deployment zone to kill scarabs and spyders.  Wasn't expecting the tremendous amount of shots but turned out with the low BS and Snap Fire/Overwatch it wasn't really a threat.  Definitely caused damage not enough to incapacitate.

Win 9-0 Necrons

Really liked moving Orikan around.  Usually he just hides in deployment zone.  Loved moving and using C'tan.  Think I have figured out that it works and lives longer when it supports another unit instead of running off by itself.  Had a fun time with Connor.  As usual he has some hilarious comments about the game and some peoples reactions to his questions.  Thanks for the battle, Connor.

Side note received a big chunk of Grey Knights from Shawn.

slainte mhath

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