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12.10.10 1500 Necrons vs Tyranids

Had a great game with a new opponent last night.  He had some old school Tyranids.  A lot of them painted.  How quickly he picked up 6th ed was surprising.  Great guy.

Flyrant, Trygon Prime, Ravener, Genestealers, Canoptek Wraiths and Scarabs in this mix.  Damn good party.

Met Matt at Fantasy Flight.

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire.  Deployment: Dawn of War.

Wore my red Permenant Skin Art t-shirt.  Just over a month til my next tattoo session.

While we were setting up the board I asked him if I should hit him with everything I have or take it easy on him.  Last time he played was end of 3rd, beginning of 4th.  Didn't want to play too hard potentially crushing the spirit of someone returning to the game.  Have to be curteous to our fellow players.  He said to go about medium speed, maybe a little bit on the lighter side.  Took the que and came up with a game plan.

Board is set.  Ready to go.

Matt won roll off.  He decided to deploy and go first.

Tyranids deploy

Necrons deploy

Decided not to seize initiative and play a non-aggressive game.

Top of first.  Tyranids are very cautious.  Using cover and staying out of sight.  It occurs to me that he thinks there's shooting in my Necrons.  Don't think to tell him til a couple of turns from now.  His Flying Hive Tyrant is hovering behind the far building.  Couple of Tryanids are removed from the table due to wonder twin, Orikan and C'tan Writhing Worldscape, powers.

Bottom of first.  Playing non-aggressive I move a couple of wraaiths around to prepare for the Trygon Prime and Raveners.  Generate scarabs.

Top of second.  Tyranids continue their cautious move forward.  Couple more Tyranids are removed as they go into dangerous terrain per writhing worldscape.  Trygon Prime arrives and moves cautiously into cover.

Bottom of second.  Move wraiths out a little bit now that Trygon is visible.  Generate more scarabs.

Top of third. Tryanids move a little closer.  Removing a couple more models.

Bottom of third.  Generate more scarabs then inform Matt that only my warriors and Orikan have ranged weapons.  He mentions he's seen videos of Necrons having really strong shooting weapons and was being cautious.  Now that he knows he's going to change tactics.

Top of fourth.  Shooting.  Tyranid Warriors on right take out two warriors.  One stands back up.  I ask Matt if I should " amp it up. Delcium, 'eight- drop?" a line from Serenity.  He answers "Yeah let's do it!"  The games been flying by.  It's only been about 30 mins since setting up the board.

Weapons free.  Close up of bottom of fourth.  Wraiths assault Tyranid Warriors.

Bottom of fourth.  Generate scarabs.  Necrons move out of deployment.  One wraith squad makes assault with hammer of wrath.  Others do not.  That is going to hurt with Trygon assaulting wraiths.

Close up of H2H top of fifth.  This was a fun combat.

Top of fifth.  Tyranids come in.  Tyrant takes a wound from leaving dangerous terrain.  Wraiths take several wounds.  Raveners loses a couple of models.  Trygon nothing.

Close up of H2H bottom of fifth.  This is one of those combat situations I've always wanted.  A ton of scarabs on a huge tyranid creature.

Bottom of fifth.  Generate scarabs finally take a wound.  Have 40 scarabs on the field.  Scarabs do five wounds against Trygon.  Saves everytime.  Dang it!  Don't bother attacking the Hive Tyrant.  It has 9 Str and Toughness!  Love that Biomancy.  Far wraiths take down Tryanid Warriors.  First Blood VP for Necrons  I'm terrily afraid of that Hive Tyrant.  So far my saves have been nice to me.  Hormagaunts on far end of board tear down wraiths.

Hormagaunts are on objective in near building.  Orikan and friends are are on objective in far little ruins. 4-5 VP Necrons.

Matt rolls the die and 4 comes up.  Onto turn 6.

Close up of H2H top of sixth.

Top of sixth.  Just the moment I've waited for since reading Entropic Strike in the codex.  8 wounds on Trygon Prme.  Matt rolls save and first roll comes up 1.  Other 7 wounds pile in on the bad boy and down falls the great beast to scarab swarm.

Close of H2H bottom of sixth.

Bottom of sixth.  Scarabs fast foot it towards Hormagaunts on objective in near ruins.  Matt says he's going to roll attacks against scarabs and just remove the squad.  I say that is fair.

Matt rolls the dice and 2 comes up.  Game ends.

Had a great game with Matt.  Even learned a thing or two about using my Necrons in a different way.  Thinking of using same tactic again in a different game.  Perhaps the deployment will be useful in other armies that don't have a lot of shooting.

Matt did a great job.  Rather impressed how quickly he picked up 6th ed.  It was refreshing to see a cautious player.  He is definitely a great learning curve.  Figure he will be cleaning my clock after just a couple of games.

Win 4-0 Necrons

slainte mhath

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