Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ebay Deathwing Land Raider part 10

Finally back to what this months blog is about.  Did all three Forgeworld doors Tues night.

Background Blood Red.  Two coats of Devlin Mud, Army Painter Strong Tone (thank you, Ron).

Painted for about 3 hours Tues night.  Pulled out a model from the past to help me with me purity seals.

Asmodai.  Hoping to replicate the purity seal on his right shoulder.  I vaguely remember what I did 10 years ago when I painted him.

Dark Flesh for Purity Seals and Banner.

Bleached Bone, genuine not Ubshabti Bone, around edges of Purity Seals and Banner.

Brassy Brass for wax on seals.  Burnished Gold for halo.
Devlin Mud wash over halo.  Brassy Brass for sword.  Dark Angels Green for cross arm.  Brassy Brass for handle.

Chainmail on wings.  One wash of Badab Black, Army Painter Dark Tone (thank you, Ron), on right wing as an example of before and after wash.  Dark Tone for sword.  Cross arm highlighted third stage, 5:3 Dark Angels Green and Bad Moon Yellow, Dark Angels Green.

More constrast.  Left wing is one wash of Dark Tone.  Right wing is two washes.  Really wanted to mute the wings.  Skulls Brassy Brass.

Another Delvin Mud, Strong Tone, across halo.  Highlights of Burnished Gold on edges of halo.  Left wing second Dark Tone.  Highlights on wings with Chainmail.  Another wash of Delvin Mud on Blood Red seal.  Skulls washed with Dark Tone.

Another Badab Black, Dark Tone, on sword.  Brassy Brass highlights on sword.  Micro pen .005 for purity seals writing and "Petra" (thank you, Greta) on banner.

Background Blood Red with Delvin Mud, Strong Tone.  Ring Tin Bitz.

Wings based Chainmail.  Two washes of Dark Tone.  Brassy Brass base for metal parts of sword sans blade.  Blade Mithril Silver.  Second stage Dark Angels Green 5:2 Dark Angels Green and Bad Moon Yellow for holdings of gems on cross arm and handle.  Handle Dark Angels Green.  Dark Tone for blade.  Strong Tone for ring.

Gems in sword Goblin Green.  Mithril Silver hightlights on blade.  Army Painter Matt White on Skull.  Micro Pen .005 for nose.

Wings Matt White.

Cloak based Dark Angels Green.  Highlight second stage Dark Angels Green.

A lot of detail.  One wash of Dark Tone on wings.  Chainmail for sword.  Dark Tone for blade.  Dened Stone for seals.  Scab Red for wax.  Basecoast of banner Warlock Purple with Leviathan Purple wash.  Hands, genuine Bleached Bone, drybrushed Matt White.  Highlights on sword Chainmail.  Right wing "dipped in blood" Blood Red stippling.

slainte mhath

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